Digital 2025 Chevy Caprice Tries to Remind the World It Shouldn't Forget About Sedans

2025 Chevrolet Caprice & Venture renderings by jlord8 8 photos
Photo: jlord8 / Instagram
2025 Chevrolet Caprice & Venture renderings by jlord82025 Chevrolet Caprice & Venture renderings by jlord82025 Chevrolet Caprice & Venture renderings by jlord82025 Chevrolet Caprice & Venture renderings by jlord82025 Chevrolet Caprice & Venture renderings by jlord82025 Chevrolet Caprice & Venture renderings by jlord82025 Chevrolet Caprice & Venture renderings by jlord8
The US automaker Chevrolet still has some passenger car offerings in its lineup – the $25k Malibu mid-size sedan, the Camaro, and a trio of C8 Corvette mid-engine sports cars. However, there are caveats.
The ninth generation of the Chevy Malibu is an affordable front-wheel-drive affair, and it only boasts one powertrain option – a meager 1.5-liter turbocharged gasser with 163 hp and 184 lb-ft (249 Nm) hooked to a dreadful CVT (continuously variable transmission). It's great for a commuter but also not exactly the stuff of legends, right?

The sixth-generation Camaro is ill-fated, as we all know it. Owing to abysmal sales and fan reception of the current iteration, General Motors decided to kill off the Camaro nameplate after the 2024 model year, and now you can only find one when searching through left-over inventory because production ended in December 2023 alongside the L-bodied Dodge Challenger and Charger to mark the end of an era.

Meanwhile, the eighth iteration of 'America's sports car' is continuously surging in terms of deliveries and performance even though the MSRPs are slowly but steadily approaching supercar territory. Indeed, the Stingray is no less than $68,300, but it only comes with up to 495 hp, whereas the first-ever E-Ray and the Z06 homologation special boast 655 and 670 ponies, respectively, along with $105k and $113k MSRPs, too.

As such, most obviously, there's a big gap in Chevy's roster in terms of passenger cars between the $25k Malibu and $68k Stingray, the only cars still left in production. Naturally, speculation has arisen on various occasions about potential returns of dearly departed nameplates to fill the gap. Obviously, the rumor mill likes to toy with the idea. As for the imaginative realm of digital car content creators, they love it even some more.

For example, Jim, a virtual artist known as jlord8 on social media, adores messing around with all things CGI from the automotive realm; now he dreams of a reborn Chevy Caprice because he didn't allow himself to call it an Impala. As such, if real, this unofficial design project would depict the seventh generation of the model series that first appeared in 1966 as a full-size car.

Obviously, it would still fulfill the same role, and the pixel master didn't even bother using a Chevy template for the virtual design – instead, he started with an Audi A8 (most likely because its bland design allows just about any modification), and then infused its face with Chevrolet's current styling mixed with some Camaro DNA. The result is pretty much unanimously loved by his fans, and they are rooting for Chevy looking at his creations and also giving the thumbs up to his prior way of getting back into the minivan game with a new Venture rocking AWD, 300 horsepower, and high-mileage fuel ratings.

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Editor's note: Gallery also includes additional Chevy digital projects by the same author.

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