Did Deadmau5 Mess With His McLaren Badge?

It would appear Deadmau5 just messed with the badge of his McLaren P1 1 photo
Photo: Deadmau5 on Instagram
If you’re a heavy Internet user, you probably have at least one picture you see that will stick in your mind, every day. In case you’re new to our lovely autoevolution hills, you should know we have, in fact, a Pic of the Day category. Here, we usually put the most eccentric images we can find every day. The photograph in question, unfortunately, is not eye candy like all the others we share with you guys, but undoubtedly qualifies for that category.
Never heard of Deadmau5? Well, you should know he is a loaded electronic music DJ from Canada who loves cars. Not only does he enjoy buying the most expensive rides available on the market, but he also drives the hell out of each breed. Take his most recent purchase, the McLaren P1. He bought the hypercar about a year ago, but only recently took delivery of it.

Besides driving the vehicle at the famed Gumball 3000 Rally this year, he also became the first of the genre to drift the beast in the dirty sand of the Nevada desert. Maybe there are others out there doing stuff like that too, but it clearly was a premiere for us. But then again, why not, if he has it, he might as well enjoy all that horsepower.

He also happens to own a McLaren 650S and both of his British cars were involved in the rally this year, as he clearly loves them 'equally'. One of them got a treat recently and we're talking about the more 'modest' choice.

He seemingly messed with the McLaren badge on the trunk of his 650S, turning it into “Mr cLean” as the picture appears to show. Deadmau5 may get in trouble. It’s not because the McLaren ownership police will arrest him for doing it, but for a possible reaction of the automaker itself.

After all, it did happen with Ferrari, who sent Zimmerman a cease letter to have the custom emblems he put on his 458 Italia removed.

The car was wrapped with a Nyan Cat cover, and they didn’t seem to like it that much. Not only was the millionaire DJ edgy about it, but he decided to sell the car after removing the wrap. Again, if he truly did mess with the McLaren badge, the automaker may not be pleased with it. At the end of the day we are talking about a supercar and a hypercar that are worth well over $1,000,000.


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A photo posted by deadmau5 (@deadmau5) on Jun 11, 2015 at 1:49pm PDT

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