The Nyan Cat Is Alive, It’s Wrapped on an Audi TT in Germany

The Nyan Cat Is Alive; It’s Wrapped on an Audi TT in Germany 1 photo
Photo: Fleeks on Twitter
For those of you not familiar with the world of furry fandom, you should now the Nyan Cat is quite a big deal out there. It all started about four years ago, as an 8-bit animation featuring a cat with a cherry Pop-Tart body flying in space with a rainbow trailing behind it. Also known as the Pop-Tart Cat, it became an obsession for Canadian DJ Deadmau5 who decided to wrap a Ferrari 458 with the theme. Ferrari then ruined it.
The world of miau-lovers was embracing Zimmerman’s idea of turning an exotic Italian into a tamed cat. Joel is a car enthusiast that affords mainly anything he wants. When he decided to wrap his sportscar with the famous animation and drive it at last year’s Gumball 3000 rally, people loved the car even more.

It was a dream come true for a lot of cat lovers, we presume, which is why Ferrari’s response was booed. We’ll take a second to remind you that the Italians were not so pleased with the custom badges and associated floor mats on Deadmau5’ Ferrari 458 Italia. So Ferrari North America sent the Canadian a cease and desist letter to have the custom emblems removed.

At first, Zimmerman tried to keep the wrap, but he had to lose it eventually, to avoid a lawsuit. However, this apparently also made him sell the vehicle, even though it was the car he liked most. At some point, the DJ even bragged about buying a Lamborghini Huracan and wrap that one with the same Nyan Cat.

Regardless, here we are now looking at yet another Nyan Cat lover who wrapped his car like that. Sure, it’s not a Ferrari, nor is it a Huracan, but it proves nothing can stop the power of “pseudofur”. In case you're wondering, the Nyan Cat Audi TT was recently photographed in Germany, Regensburg.

Another thing, if the Ferrari 458 Italia became Purrari, and Deadmau5 said he'll name his future Lamborghini Huracan Puracan, we'll need to name the Audi TT Nyaudi.

Editor’s note: According to Wiki Fur, Pseudofur is a LiveJournal community for those who are in the furry fandom for one reason or another, but don’t quite fully consider themselves a “furry”. In other words, it’s a cat lover that is not completely obsessed with it.
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