Diable Is $3.7M of Riva Yachting Excellence With a Perfect Exterior and Italian Interior

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Photo: Northrop & Johnson
What makes a boat or yacht worth the money? It all depends on who you ask, but generally, whenever you look to buy a multi-million dollar floating dream, the criteria are rigorous, to say the least. That said, let's dive into the Diable to see what an asking price of around $3.7 million will get you.
Ladies and gents and lovers of all things that float, are fast, and offer the utmost peak the yachting industry has to offer; lend me your eyes for the next few minutes so that you may catch a glimpse of what private yachting perfection may look like.

To do that, I've chosen to bring to light one of Northrop & Johnson's (N&J) freshest additions to their broker books, the Diable; I'm not quite sure how to pronounce that, but "Diablo" is clearly the takeaway here. Once you get a feel for what's in store, you'll agree that this one's a little devil.

Now, the Diable is named as such by none other than its creators, Riva Yacht, the one and the same that's part of the Ferretti Group and responsible for some of the highest-class Italian living possible; from the inside out, all of their machines have that top-shelf feel.

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
Let's start with the exterior of this ship and work our way in. At the base of the Diable sits a GRP hull, which ensures a light construction. With it, Riva gives birth to a machine that's 68 feet (20.7 m) long. Sure, it's not the largest boat on the open seas, but you know what they say about big things in small packages. Oh, not to mention that this one's brand new, with just 20 hours of engine use.

For the following paragraphs, I want you to first check out the aerial images of the Diable. Why? Because of the way the main deck looks. For example, at the very tip of the boat, guests are able to relax upon a forward-facing lounge pad, and when you're flying around at speeds upwards of 40 knots (46 mph), it's bound to be an experience; you'd better hold on tight.

As we make our way toward the rear, yet another lounging option is spotted; this time, it's a U-shaped dinette that sits neatly in front of the cockpit. Speaking of the cockpit, part of this space is shared with a private and chic lounge and bar, sitting underneath the superstructure or bimini.

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
The final resting place - I know how that reads - is found toward the rear of the main deck. A couple of seats lie in wait for up to four guests, but even further back, a rear-facing pad is spotted. For a moment, imagine soaking up the sun in some hidden island bay with a mimosa in hand. That's got to be worth $3.7M (€3.5M at current exchange rates) be sure to take a dip in the local waters from that quaint beach club.

One aspect of the exterior I want to point out is the execution with which Riva brings this puppy to life. Take a look at the smooth and utterly perfect superstructure and the way the teak floor blends with leathers, fabrics, and semiprecious metals. That's Italian perfection right there.

As for the interior of this floating palace, that's just it; it looks like a friggin palace. However, it is not the kind you're used to seeing in movies, but one fit for modern kings and queens with a tasteful, homey interior. But don't let the whole home-living feel fool you; this thing is crafted with the best materials on the market, not to mention a result that's clearly not the work of just one but multiple designers. After all, Riva is a team, not just one person.

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
Now, ships of this size don't offer the largest rooms around, but by limiting the number of staterooms inside, Riva is able to play with the sort of features each room has at its disposal. For example, only two cabins are available to owners, one on each end of the ship, and each includes an ensuite bathroom, wardrobes, cabinetry, and views of the world around. The two crew members don't have it pretty bad either, with a rather lavish twin room. Their bathroom is found across the hall.

For the next few minutes or so, take all that we've talked about, throw in some water toys, night lights, drinks, and your favorite people, and picture yourself on this floating spectacle of human ingenuity and decadence. As you do, hear your favorite music, eat the meals land dwellers are rarely privy to, and even take a dip in the surrounding waters. Sounds like one hell of a lifestyle, and one that isn't accessible to all.

Want in on the action? These days, there are countless financing and credit solutions you can call upon to get your hands on $3.7M. Oh, you'll also need to get in touch with N&J first. Go ahead and see if you can try it before you buy it.
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