This Superyacht's Plain Exterior Hides a Luxurious Inside Worth $245K for a One-Week Stay

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Photo: Northrop & Johnson
Suppose you ever mention the name Feadship to someone who dabbles in the superyacht industry. In that case, chances are that they'll know exactly who you're talking about. If they don't, all you have to say is that Feadship caters to the world's richest.
Folks, take a nice long look at the wonderous marvel of human ingenuity, design, and construction dubbed the Gladiator. It's a 146-foot (44.5 m) superyacht built by none other than Feadship, a group that started out in 1949 and formed by six of the world's most notorious shipbuilding yards. These days, only three are still under the Feadship umbrella.

What does all that have to do with the Gladiator? Well, it goes to show a bit about who brought this baby to life and just how much know-how and experience it has incorporated into its halls, decks, and staterooms. Oh, and just to show you the level at which Feadship lays this game, they're the sort of crew that owners of other shipyards or boating yards go to when they have enough cash for their own ship.

For example, sources say that the last-known owner of Gladiator is none other than Gary Wright of Y.CO. If the name Y.CO sounds familiar, it's because we've featured their works before; they, too, are a shipyard, and the fact that its owner went out and bought a Feadship is a testament to this Dutch group's abilities. Studio De Voogt is responsible for the exterior, while the interior is all Sinot.

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
Now, enough buttering you up as to who, what, when, where, and how, and let's dive deeper into what a week lived aboard this ship may be like. The idea behind Gladiator was rather simple: to offer "the ambiance of a beach house on the water."

To achieve this effect, Gladiator isn't just built to envelope its guests in the uttermost luxurious settings possible but also blend that luxury with a home-living feel of the utmost highest level. I compare it to the home of some millionaire who doesn't necessarily flash his or her wealth to the world but does indeed wear silk underwear from LV or Prada.

For example, the exterior of this ship may not be the most striking we've ever seen, but once onboard, you and your nine remaining guests will find themselves in the presence of outdoor lounges that have precisely that feeling of beach house living described by Feadship. Heck, even the uppermost deck, with its jacuzzi, massive U-shaped lounge pad, and retractable biminis at the rear, reminds me of a little hidden corner of heaven in some backyard owned by the wealthy folks in my neighborhood.

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
Interior living continues this feeling of simple yet elegant living with lounges decked out with the finest leathers, woods, fabrics, and semiprecious metals. But it's the 270 degrees of floor-to-ceiling windows that really help flood these lounges with all the natural light anyone would ever want.

Do take a moment out of your busy day to picture yourself in one of these lounges. As you do, see your family members scattered around the same room; some are probably diving off the deck into the local waters around. A smile creeps across your face as you do, and suddenly, an arm holding a drink pops into your peripheral vision: "For you." Don't worry; it's just one of the crew members bringing you the drink you ordered earlier.

With your drink in hand, you decide to step out onto the deck, and suddenly, you're flooded with "Hey!" and "Look at me." from every which way. You realize that one of those people is Dan, getting ready to slide down into the waters below via a side-mounted inflatable slide, precisely the one you see in the image gallery below.

Photo: Feadship
Since this vessel also includes a large toy garage, you can expect tenders, wakeboards, snorkeling gear, and jet skis to be part of your experience, to name a few. There's no need to mention that you can take one of these day dinghies or tenders out for a spin to some hidden cove you found on a nearby island. Talk about an unforgettable lunch.

Once back from feasting on lobsters on a sandbar that's only visible between 9 AM and 1 PM because of the tide, you decide to head down into an unforgettable stateroom experience where skylights flood king beds with natural light and where loveseats entice you with more than just their names. Oh, and don't worry about stubbing your toes on any corners; all are rounded off, as things can get wild while out at sea.

The only question now remains as to how much a week aboard this floating paradise may cost us. For that, we head down to our friends over at Northrop & Johnson, where we can see that the Gladiator will run you at least $245K (€230 at current exchange rates) for a one-week stay aboard its lavish yet homey decks. Get ready to flood your Instagram account with the vacation of a lifetime.
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