Delfast Showcases the Ultra-Capable and Super-Retro DNEPR Electric Motorcycle

Delfast DNEPR Electric Motorcycle 16 photos
Photo: Delfast Bikes
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You've heard about Delfast and the resuscitation of the DNEPR brand. After all, this crew has even set Guinness World Records and broke Bonneville records with their electric machines.
Now, Delfast has just unleased images and information on how we can expect DNEPR to look and perform, and personally, I hope they actually carry through with the look and colors. If they do, the Guinness Record won't be the only attention this machine receives; just look at it!

First off, Delfast drew inspiration from world-famous Antonov, an Ukrainian airline manufacturer, designer, and maintenance company that's got a plane for just about any need. And it's the aeronautical industry and its applications to electric motorcycles that Delfast seems to be exploring with DNEPR.

By exploring building techniques the likes of those used in aircraft manufacturing, the DNEPR not only promises to be a light machine, but it also seems to be boasting peak building techniques and materials too. For example, the aluminum on the bike has been die-forged to yield precision parts and chemically etched. And it looks like there's quite a bit of aluminum that seems this treatment. The frame is also a mixture of steel with forged and pressed aluminum.

DNEPR Electric Motorcycle
Photo: Delfast Bikes
One place where aeronautics tech has been applied is near the battery compartment. Here, Delfast is using reverted adhesive joints, yielding a lightweight construction to help push the bike's electric capacities even further.

Now, clearly, this machine is one eye-catching piece of candy. Just look at it. I mean really look at it. Absorb the colors, absorb the lines and shapes, and then picture yourself riding it around town. Not only is it going to be attracting the eyes of drivers, other bikers, even pedestrians, but the moment that light turns green, all those folks will see is a flash of colors riding off into the sunset.

The golden hue that comes off the body and frame sits as a perfect background for the neon green, royal purple, and flaming orange components mounted on the bike. A second color variation is also seen in the gallery, this time with reds, gunmetal, and forest green as part of the color palette. The frame seems to remain the same, and components like fenders, rims, rear shock, and seat are susceptible to the color variations seen.

Another aircraft-inspired component is that "twin tail" fin seen at the end of the seat. This component has drawn its design from an Antonov airplane itself, the AN 22, a strategic military transport aircraft with a design that popped up in 1965. I wonder if it's designed to be a grab bar.

DNEPR Electric Motorcycle
Photo: Delfast Bikes
This machine isn't just made to look cool and flashy; it's also a mean and capable trinket. Overall, the DNEPR reaches a top speed of 102 mph (164 kph). 102 mph! A speed achieved by 35 kW (46.9 hp) of power. This is then fueled by a 7.2 kWh battery, so range shouldn't be an issue either. Actually, it's one of the aspects Delfast is best-known for. Then there's the record Delfast broke at Bonneville Speed Week, over 170 kph (105.6 mph).

At this time, there's no price shown for the DNEPR, but the manufacturer's website does ask you to leave your contact info, and you'll be called or e-mailed to take this dream further with manufacturing of this bike set for 2023. If you end up finding out that the DNEPR will run you a bit more than your budget but still want to get your hands on a Delfast machine, good news. They're holding a Black Friday sale for the Top 3.0 model, a machine that's even caught the eye of several law enforcement agencies worldwide, with some trading the trusty horse for a tuned-up version of the Top 3.0, the Top Cop.

Since Christmas is coming up, have a look around at what Delfast can do for your EV adventures, and if you've been a good kid, maybe, just maybe, Santa will grant you that one wish. If your Santa is a super-rich one, just go all out and grab the DNEPR and deck the streets with color and capabilities.
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