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Custom Yamaha XSR900 Æon Is Simply Mind-Blowing, Was Built for a Renowned Watchmaker
Although it only holds enough juice to get from one gas station to the next, the Æon will definitely the raddest-looking thing at the pump.

Custom Yamaha XSR900 Æon Is Simply Mind-Blowing, Was Built for a Renowned Watchmaker

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On a warm summer night back in 2013, Tom Konecny and Pablo Steigleder approached a hang-out popular with Munich’s riders. When scrutinizing the modded two-wheelers in attendance, the two found themselves sharing a similar outlook on what they saw before their eyes. Long story short, Tom and Pablo found all those so-called customs to offer very little in the way of originality.

Besides following the same cafe racer trends like woefully uninspired copycats, the bikes were merely piles of aftermarket parts as opposed to genuine one-offs. The guys agreed that a breath of fresh air in the local customization scene would be rather welcome, and they began flirting with the idea of establishing their own workshop to make it happen.

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before these fellows’ vision became a reality in the form of Diamond Atelier, but no one could predict just how much popularity this firm would go on to gain! Never stopping to rest on their laurels, Konecny and Steigleder have orchestrated some truly incredible builds over the years, including a Ducati Monster 1200 R with gold-plated framework.

With such astounding projects in their repertoire, it should go without saying that Diamond is way more than just another run-of-the-mill motorcycle customization garage. Tom and Pablo will, more often than not, seek to strike a harmonious balance between form and function, but they’ll occasionally throw the latter straight out the window and create something like this wild Yamaha XSR900.

Dubbed “Æon,” the project was commissioned by TW Steel, a reputed Dutch watchmaker whose timepieces are just as stylish as Diamond Atelier’s bikes. Mind you, this isn’t the only occasion where TW have collaborated with top-tier European workshops, and you may want to also check out the imposing BMW R nineT built for them by Britain’s Sinroja Motorcycles – after we’ve examined the outlandish XSR pictured above, of course.

Starting with a brand-new 2017 exemple, the German craftsmen kicked things off by deleting the stock bodywork in its entirety. The same fate had followed for the donor’s OEM subframe, which was replaced with a tailor-made skeletal module that looks totally surreal. Penned by a regular collaborator named Julian Weber, the Æon’s new outfit shows pinches of inspiration from early Bosozoku trends and the Japanese tuner scene.

The task of fabricating this bonkers aluminum attire was assigned to KRT Framework’s Marvin Diehl, and the pièce de résistance is the unusual fuel tank found center-stage. Its contour swoops its way southward to seamlessly join that of a custom-made solo saddle, behind which you’ll spot a minute tail unit.

At the front, we find a flip-up panel and one gorgeous TW Steel timepiece where the factory headlamp had once sat. Lighting is now provided by a pair of LED strips mounted on both sides of the radiator, and those are coupled with top-shelf Kellermann turn signals. The XSR900’s 41 mm (1.6-inch) inverted forks were shortened a tad, while its adjustable rear monoshock has been replaced with a higher-spec Wilbers Blackline item.

Clip-on handlebars from ABM adorn the cockpit area, complemented by Gilles Tooling foot pegs on the Æon’s flanks. Additionally, the Diamond Atelier duo installed braided stainless-steel brake lines, as well as a grippy pair of Pirelli slicks at both ends. Konecny and Steigleder trimmed away nearly 330 feet (100 meters) of redundant wires, then they’ve fitted the bike’s electrical system with twin lithium-ion batteries.

Yamaha’s revered XSR saw its liquid-cooled 847cc inline-three powerplant treated to K&N air filters and handmade three-into-one exhaust pipework, which ends in an SC-Project muffler on the right-hand side of the rear wheel. Lastly, the creature’s mind-numbing bodywork was enveloped in a glossy layer of silver paint with orange pinstripes for contrast.


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