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Company Launches Wireless Noise-Cancelling Earbuds, They Could Be For You

Wind noise can be disturbing for drivers and riders alike, and the second category could suffer from hearing loss over time because of this.
Here One noise cancelling wireless earbuds 1 photo
Because of the risk of hearing loss, some riders use earbuds, but those against this solution say it is dangerous for the user because it impedes listening performance.

With conventional earbuds, drivers or riders risk not hearing significant noises while driving, which range from police sirens to squeaks and rattles that could lead to a potential problem with their vehicle.

In extreme scenarios, using earbuds could cause an accident, and pedestrians and cyclists that use headphones are also finding themselves in this category.

After a successful funding on Kickstarter, Doppler Labs has created and is taking orders for their wireless noise-cancelling earbuds, 9 to 5 Mac reports. These can be controlled with your smartphone, and they have multiple uses, including in the field of transportation.

From blocking out the sound of the subway or train, to adjusting how you hear a live concert, the company claims to provide the perfect audio experience for any user which can wear earbuds.

Users can suppress the noise of a jet engine on an airplane, as well as eliminate other disturbing and useless sounds made by external factors. In the case of motorists, a user could lower the volume of their engine, reduce wind noise, and eliminate aerodynamic sounds.

Here One is the name of the proposed wireless earbuds, and a pair costs $299, with first deliveries scheduled for this fall. The pair is controlled through Bluetooth, and operates without any wires. Battery life is rated at six hours, enough for an average to long flight or trip.

Users also receive multiple silicone tips, to suit many ear sizes, as well as a dedicated charging case, which can hold two full charges, leading to 18 hours of total noise canceling in a day, if you leave the house with a full battery on the buds and the charging case.


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