Kawasaki Ninja 636 Silencer Is Obsolete. Meet the Amplifier Exhaust

Zero stealth factor for this Ninja 1 photo
Now, it’s true that in certain cases, naming a sport exhaust a “silencer” is way off, at least from a non-rider’s point of view. Physics may prove that even when running that noise can, the bike is a tad quieter than running without it, but this piece has nothing to do with anything remotely related to being quiet.
Au contraire, you’re about to see a handmade device created to actually amplify the noise a motorcycle with no silencer makes. I have no proof to back my suppositions, but this instrument looks like it was designed in hell, and probably crafted there too. While traditional ninjas are famed for their stealth factor, this bike has none.

This megaphone showed up at a bike meeting in Romania, most likely hosted by the Free Riders club, judging by the backpatch on the MC’s vest. It’s not uncommon to host “loudest bike of all” contests at such rallies, together with burnout and other bike-related competitions. Now, in case these fellows tour the remainder of the Romanian bike rallies which organize “loudest motorcycle” contests, they’re going to smash any competition, even though I am not sure where is this going to lead…

Fact is, if there was any demand from people who want to become deaf, these guys would have already been a big name in the business. Not sure how happy is the engine of the Ninja 636 to receive such treatment, but I can vouch this is not doing the Kawasaki any good. Still, the guy is free to do what he pleases with his bike (and ears), and we can either enjoy becoming deaf or simply enjoy our beers in the beergarten at such events. I’d definitely go for the latter option, but either way, these guys are epic, even though the idea is not at all new.

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