SoundRacer VX Kickstarter Project Puts Racing Sounds in Your Car

Some of the new sporty cars you can get now already come with fake engine noise blasting through the stereo to make you think what a beast of a car you bought. Some will simply enhance the car’s own engine noise while other systems will totally put in sounds from different engines, like the new Clio RS does... you can even choose to hear a Jetsons spacecraft while you drive.
SoundRacer VX 1 photo
Photo: SoundRacer AB
Still, if you bought something with no such capabilities, say a Hyundai i10 or a Toyota Aygo, you might be doomed to hearing just a faint tiny engine sound during your daily city drive. Boring right? Well, there is an aftermarket solution to that, coming from SoundRacer AB.

The Swedish company’s first product is a cigarette lighter FM modulator which turns you stereo into a virtual gas guzzling V8 engine. Seeing the device’s success, the company now started a new Kickstarter campaign to crate a new modulator that will mimmic more engines and also come with new features.

Press a button - change the engine note

It’s called the SoundRacer VX. It’s still an FM modulator, but it will be able to provide V10, V12 and other engine sounds thanks to a MicroSD card inside. Just press a button and the engine noise will change accordingly.

Moreover, the SoundRacer VX will come with AUX connectivity, which spares you the ordeal of searching the right frequency and synchronize the two devices. An USB port will be included to allow you charge handheld devices. Sick of the rumbling noise? The devices can be turned into an normal FM modulator and stream music to your audio system.

The project is currently in its prototype phase, the developers needing to further test the hardware, improve the software and create a new housing. The company needs SEK600,000 ($80,500/€64,800) until mid-December to finish the project and start deliveries May 2015.
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