Colorado Teardrops Promised the Decade's Most Amazing Campers but Went Bankrupt Instead

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Photo: Private Seller via RV Trader
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A few years ago, North America witnessed the birth of Colorado Teardrops, and for a while, things were going great, or so we thought. But, they filed for bankruptcy in 2023 and now remain a topic to discuss on Saturdays.
This isn't the first time that you'll see the name Colorado Teardrops on our website. However, it could very well be the last. That's because this family-owned teardrop camper manufacturer from, well, Colorado, is "Closed Permanently," and that's according to countless sources, including Google, so you know it's official.

But that doesn't mean the work they achieved and even left behind isn't worth considering or at least recapping. After all, over the course of their rather short history, they had amassed over 15K followers on Instagram alone.

Now, what was really attractive about Colorado Teardrops was the way they did business, even going as far as operating as a teardrop camper rental service for those looking to explore the hidden gems of Colorado State. The two main units they rented out were the Summit and Canyon, but Colorado Teardrops was also the manufacturer of these babies. If you're curious to see what they had to offer, you can still find 2023 units out there, and considering they're the last you'll ever see, maybe you'll consider dropping around $30K for a used unit.

Colorado Teardrops Unit
Photo: Colorado Teardrops
But, things got really wild for this manufacturer once they started proposing some rather ingenious campers, ones designed to help this industry catch the growing EV wave. I'm talking about their conceptual Electric Classics (EC) lineup, a pair of electricity-carrying and producing models that were designed as an exclusive aid to anyone with an EV, something like a mobile battery pack, ensuring future owners never run out of juice, no matter how far from a charge point.

What was really wild about these little rolling powerhouses was the fact that they were projected to sell for as low as $44,000. That's insane if we consider that each was hauling around up to 38 kWh of juice. Sure, it wouldn't fill up your Tesla in one go, but part two of the story was their ability to harness all this power from nothing more than the sun. I'll be honest: there are several manufacturers on the market loading up units with this many power-processing systems, but rarely will you see one for the price the EC was going for.

As for the last machine in Colorado Teardrops' lineage, it's called the Boulder, and by god, this one would have crushed countless travel trailer brands. If I may inflict just a tad of paranoia, that may be a reason why this crew is no longer with us; just kidding.

2023 Summit Camper
Photo: Private Seller via RV Trader
The main reason seems to be a drop in revenue during 2023 of 66% in comparison with 2022, which makes sense as everything coincides with when restrictions were lifted as a result of the worldwide health crisis ending. Other sources say that founder Dean Wiltshire just up and ran with the money, but why build a company for nine years to run off with a tad over $35K in reported assets?

As for the Boulder itself, this piece of machinery preceded the EC and promised even more EV-recharging capabilities than just about anything on the market at the time. This bedroom-on-wheels model was designed with a 75 kWh battery array stored neatly on the floor of the unit.

Best of all, it came in with a dry weight of just 1,950 lbs (885 kg). I don't know about you, but that sounds a tad light for so much battery. This would mean that the rest of this camper was to be designed from some very light yet durable materials. Sources say very little, especially since this bugger was nothing but a concept, but we do know the interior was to be crafted from nothing other than hardwood.

Colorado Teardrops Unit
Photo: Daneen F.
If I may add my own two cents on this concept, if you know anything about EVs and campers of any kind, you would have asked yourself some questions, one of which would have been exactly what these batteries are made out of because that's a whole lot of power for such a low weight.

If we consider the rest of the components needed to bring a teardrop to life, then those 1,950 lbs clearly become a red flag. Oh, and it was to sell for only $55K, a price that, again, should have raised some questions. But, if all that transformed into a reality, we would have had a camper powerhouse on our hands.

Nonetheless, Colorado Teardrops will be missed and, occasionally, even remembered. I wonder if people will still find one of their teardrops in some garage years down the line. Heck, maybe some brand actually pulls through and hits the market with something like the EC or Boulder.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery include an array of Colorado Teardrops units.

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