This Aluminum Travel Trailer Is Inexpensive and Lets You Build Your Dream Home on Wheels

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You know, not everyone has tens of thousands of dollars to spend on a camper or motorhome that's basically built to someone else's living standards. Some people just want a cheap and capable canvas upon which to craft their own idea of a dream mobile home. For people like these, WeeRoll is there to feed their needs.
Now, WeeRoll is a crew we've covered on countless occasions, mainly because of the way they do business. If you know what I'm talking about, great; if not, the gallery is for you. There, you'll find yourself looking at a travel trailer that's looking rather bare, and that's just how WeeRoll likes it.

One aspect that separates WeeRoll from other manufacturers is the fact that they made a name for themselves by simply offering units that families can use to craft the interiors of their dreams. This brings us to the unit before you today, their smallest Nomad model, the 8x6x6-foot.

Starting things off for this short introduction into a life lived out of a Nomad, it's important to note that the model before you is currently selling for $17K; pricing is yet another reason why WeeRoll now has over 23,000 followers on their Facebook account alone. That's pretty damn good for a little family-owned business from out in Ocala, Florida.

Photo: WeeRoll
As we approach the Nomad, the exterior look gives us a hint into how these babies are built. As you might have guessed, aluminum is the material of choice here, and with it, WeeRoll crafts the chassis, walls, roof, floor, rims, interior and exterior skin, and so much more. Do I need to remind you of the benefits aluminum brings? Heck, entire companies have been built around this stuff. Those rear doors and side hatches are also crafted from this corrosion-resistant alloy.

Another neat aspect of how the Nomad is brought to life results in a seamless and screwless habitat, all of which is coupled with a proprietary drainage system that results in a 100% leak-proof guarantee. As WeeRoll says, "Our Roof Cannot Leak." Put all that on top of a Dexter 3500+ Torflex Axle, and you're looking at your future on-road home.

For the remainder of this article, I want you to pretend you just picked up one of these babies and are now discussing what to do next. It's at this point that you'll embark upon planning your interior and the living space that you'll end up calling home. During this stage, you can also ask WeeRoll to lend their expertise and know-how.

Photo: WeeRoll
But before you do, take note of the fact that WeeRoll does include some basics in that aluminum shell we see. This includes a manual jack, USB and electrical sockets, and your choice of window configuration. Everything else is extra. Once we start including features like a ramp rear door, exterior power outlets, spare tire mounts, and even walkable fenders, we'll be breaking past that $20K mark.

So, why should you consider this bare-bones unit for your next RV project? Aside from the aluminum shell, the interior of a WeeRoll is large enough to include a galley block, modular dinette or a bed, and even a neat little wet bath. As a result, once you've made it out to that trailer park on your list, you'll be looking at a complete home.

That said, you'll have to take the time to add features like water tanks, pumps, heating and AC, your bedding arrangement, shelves, galley blocks and cabinetry, and anything else you can think of. Then again, you can keep things as simple as possible, simply tossing everything you need into a corner and living in the most raw way imaginable.

Photo: WeeRoll
All you really need is an inflatable mattress, a water pump with a foot action, a mobile cooktop, an LP gas tank, and some utensils for cooking up a meal. If that sounds like you, why not transform part of the Nomad's interior into nothing more than a garage for your most prized two-wheeler? That's right, some of us are sure to find that a Nomad can be the perfect off-grid living habitat; I'm talking to the cyclists and bikers among us.

Actually, that sparks yet another probable scenario where a Nomad could be a perfect fit: as nothing more than a toy hauler. Again, it's the sort of trailer that can be whatever you want it to be, and the main reason why this manufacturer is still going strong today. Oh, and at the end of the day, you're supporting a local and family-owned business, so that's bound to bring a smile to your face and soul.

Sure, by the time you're done crafting your dream trailer, some of us could be looking at a rather large bill, but others, others can get away with a mobile home that's as cheap as you can get in today's world. All it takes is a bit of finding the right deals and a tad of elbow grease.
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