This Teardrop Trailer Has Beaten Inflation! Held Its Value Best Among All Other Campers

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Photo: Vistabule Teardrop Trailers
Back in 2021, I first heard of Vistabule, a teardrop camper manufacturer that was leaving its mark on history. Three years later, I checked back in with this crew to find that they have been growing, yet their base model, the Vistabule, has gone virtually unchanged, even keeping its attractive price tag as inflation-free as possible.
How do I define an attractive price tag? Well, I'll start by pointing out that the machine you see in the image gallery starts off at no more than $24,000 (€22,000 at current exchange rates), which, surprisingly enough, is only $2,000 more than what this baby was selling for three years ago. Honestly, it's probably the least inflation-affected product on the market, and that's a big thing. So, how does Vistabule do it, and what is the result of their know-how? That's what we're here to find out.

First and foremost, it's important to understand that Vistabule is a family-owned and operated manufacturer, and that alone is a big reason why they're able to keep prices down to a minimum in a world where everything is just going up and up. As a result, they've seen growth, even introducing a new model earlier this year, the DayTripper.

Photo: Vistabule Teardrop Trailers
As for the Vistabule itself and how this showy and attractive unit is brought to life, everything starts with a mostly wooden shell and interior. What you see is all birch and maple wood, giving future and present owners that feeling of being immersed in the natural world around, not to mention that signature smell.

While most people fear wood because of its inherent element-absorbing properties, Vistabule protects this prized possession with nothing more than an aluminum exterior skin designed to fight off the elements and keep things as dry as possible. Hey, it's no one's fault that you left the windows cracked during last year's trip and now need a new unit; it happens.

One neat aspect of the shell Vistabule creates is all the little windows and sunroofs incorporated into the design. Aside from access to the interior via any of the camper's sides, we can also get a view of the world around us via the portholes and door-mounted windows. But, if you're at the rear of the unit and are forced to stick to kitchen duties, you can still get a view of the world above through yet another sunroof mounted into the rear galley hatch of the unit.

Photo: Vistabule Teardrop Trailers
Honestly, you'll find me hanging out back here, within arm's reach of the grill - beer in hand, too - spread out on a lawn chair, and occasionally stirring the pot or flipping some hot dogs without ever getting up. All I may need is the occasional nudge to wake me up from my daydream.

Then again, I might look to do all that, minus the cooking, from inside the Vistabule, where, yet again, a near beam-to-beam sunroof lets you and your significant other wish upon a star night after night. I'm telling you, this sort of living for this sort of cash is a rare find these days; let's show this family-run business some loving; they currently have 10K followers on Facebook, so let's see if we can bump up that number a little bit.

Moving forward with the way a Vistabule attracts future owners, I found it rather neat that this manufacturer lets owners select the sort of chassis metal they want in place. You can choose from tried and tested steel to lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum; it all depends on your needs and budget. As for the suspension system, a torsion axle is in place. All in all, these puppies come in with a dry weight of just 1,330 lbs, so there's plenty of room for extras, which you may just need to look into.

Photo: Vistabule Teardrop Trailers
The remainder of your future habitat will consist of flip-up tables inside, ventilation ports, wonderful wooden storage cabinets inside and outside, dome lighting, USB ports and fans, and 9 gals (34 lit) of fresh water. A Victron charge and 115 Ah battery are also in place, but solar panels are clearly extra, and so are any beefier components in case you're looking to go off-grid for longer than just a day or two; be sure to let Vistabule know what it is you're looking for and do check out those primed and upgraded versions in the gallery. Yes, galley appliances are extra, too; maybe you have your own.

Now, by the time you're done loading up your Vistabule to the brim, you'll have clearly blown past that $24K price tag, but even if you spend around $30K total on your unit, you'll still be looking at a rather modern yet classic travel trailer that won't just look good but will take care of you season after season, assuming you take care of it, too. I wonder where this crew will be in another three years from now because, if they keep this up, we may be witnessing the birth of another brand with which America can pride itself.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of Vistabule campers and features.

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