Brand-new Single-Level Tiny House With Stylish Interiors Redefines Affordable Luxury

The 2024 Cumin tiny house is the first model in the new Mobi Invest series of tiny homes for entrepreneurs 20 photos
Photo: Mobi House
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 As the summer season is ready to kick off, more and more people are thinking about choosing tiny house hotels. These vacation units on wheels have become tremendously popular in recent years, also proving to be life-changing investments for the owners. Folks who would like to invest in tiny homes are precisely the targeted customers for Mobi House's freshly launched series, Mobi Invest. The first model to show off what this new line has to offer is the gorgeous Cumin tiny house.
This Poland-based tiny house company is one of the most prolific and popular European builders, known for its gorgeous craftsmanship and innovative solutions in terms of functionality. As one of the pioneers of tiny living on the Old Continent, Mobi has brought to life numerous mobile homes for couples, families, and single owners. This year, it's delving into new territory with a fresh series aimed at entrepreneurs. More specifically, the Mobi Invest tiny homes are specifically designed to operate as vacation or rental units, as opposed to long-term family residences.

Two main characteristics separate this 2024 tiny house series from the previous Mobi House ones. The first one has to do with registration; the models in this line can be registered as camping trailers due to full vehicle homologation. This translates to better insurance coverage; not only the trailer but the house itself will be covered. Plus, they'll be covered during travel and during operation. Coupled with the second characteristic, which is an affordable price (according to Mobi), this makes these new tiny homes particularly attractive for entrepreneurs looking to start their vacation rental business.

Prices for the Mobi House models are generally available upon request, since there are multiple factors to be considered for the final cost. By presenting this 2024 series as an affordable option, Mobi is hoping to encourage folks to see tiny homes not just as alternative housing solutions but as smart investments for a long-term business.

Mobi Invest 1 Cumin Tiny House
Photo: Mobi House
The first one in this Mobi Invest series is the Cumin tiny house, a gorgeous model that gives off a luxurious vibe despite its affordability. The Mobi Invest 1 Cumin boasts a compact frame with a simple single-level layout, which makes it accessible and comfortable for a wide range of guests and also makes it easier to transport to different locations and relocate when needed. It's only six meters long (19.6 feet) but flawlessly equipped for a comfortable stay and beautifully styled – which is particularly important for rental units compared to individual residences.

A vacation home for paying guests needs to look attractive inside and out, ensure high levels of comfort, and add functionality without needing too much floorspace. Easy maintenance is also important, in line with its overall affordability. The Cumin tiny home does that by combining a classic layout with smart, multi-functional features and elegant styling.

The Cumin tiny catches the eye straight away with its sophisticated all-black silhouette that highlights an oversized picture window at the back. That window is what ensures fabulous views from the lounge/sleeping area and allows more sunlight in. To maximize spaciousness, this compact home combined the lounge and the bedroom into one area. During the day, this is a great spot for relaxation, with plenty of light and beautiful views on two sides. At night, it turns into a compact sleeping area – not exactly a lavish bedroom, but cozy enough for a good night's sleep surrounded by nature. It's also much more convenient and comfortable than a loft version, making this a friendlier vacation unit for guests of all ages.

Mobi Invest 1 Cumin Tiny House
Photo: Mobi House
The same versatility defines the center section of the home, which houses both the kitchen and a compact dining area. The high-quality matte black cabinetry throughout instantly elevates the home's style, adding a luxurious touch. For such a small dwelling, the Cumin boasts generous storage in the form of cabinets, drawers, and a couple of overhead cupboards sitting on a wide floating shelf. It may not be a chef's kitchen in terms of size, but it's fully equipped with a cooktop/oven, a fridge, a range hood, a freestanding microwave, and a dishwasher.

On the opposite wall, a multi-function folding table was placed underneath the wall-mounted TV. This is a great item to have in a small rental unit; it works as a convenient dining table and a snack bar and can even double as a home office – all of this while taking up minimal space. And there's more; if you look closely, you'll see a camping bed hidden underneath, ready to provide additional accommodation for one extra guest.

The third and final section of the Cumin tiny home is dedicated to the bathroom, separated from the rest of the house by a sliding barn-style door (another space-saving solution). Bathrooms are particularly important in vacation rentals, and this one doesn't disappoint. It's remarkably elegant and fitted with all the basic appliances for a comfortable stay, including even a hairdryer. The textured wall panels add a sophisticated touch, matching the black-and-white color scheme.

Mobi Invest 1 Cumin Tiny House
Photo: Mobi House
This new Mobi House model was also designed with durability and year-round comfort in mind, which are also ways to maximize the owner's investment. Like all Mobi homes, the Cumin is built with high-quality materials, including imported Scandinavian spruce for the cladding. Underfloor heating mats and electric radiators keep the ambiance cozy throughout the year.

Although not intended for long-term residential use, the Cumin comes with generous storage. The kitchen is perfectly organized to prevent any clutter, the lounge comes with hidden storage underneath the bed and with elegant open shelves on the wall, while the bathroom has its own practical storage shelves and a towel rack.

The latest Mobi House model is ready to pave the way for a new generation of high-quality, stylish, yet affordable tiny homes for entrepreneurs and will soon be followed by equally interesting designs in the same series.
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