LEGO's New Transformers Bumblebee Has a Cute Little "I Love Cybertron" Bumper Sticker

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LEGO Icons Transformers BumblebeeLEGO Icons Transformers BumblebeeLEGO Icons Transformers BumblebeeLEGO Icons Transformers BumblebeeLEGO Icons Transformers BumblebeeLEGO Icons Transformers BumblebeeLEGO Icons Transformers BumblebeeLEGO Icons Transformers Bumblebee
The Transformer robots have always been the perfect inspiration material for toymakers. I mean, what's not to love about cars and trucks and planes that can morph into sentient, fighting robots? The problem is, I never did come across a toy Transformer that could seemingly convert from one form to another in a proper way, and at the same time look great in both incarnations.
Danish toymaker LEGO took a shot or two at making the perfect toy transformer several times already. Most recently it did so in 2022, when it released the Optimus Prime set. Comprising 1,508 pieces that need to be properly assembled together to form the leader of the Autobots, the toy is impressive to say the least, and still making the rounds in LEGO stores, be them physical or online.

Optimus is put together with the help of 1,508 pieces, which have been designed in such a way as to allow the thing to transform itself from a truck to a bipedal robot. There are no less than 19 articulation points that make the transformation possible, without dismantling any of the component parts and then putting them back together.

When complete, the LEGO Optimus Prime measures 14 inches (35 cm) tall when in robot mode, and 6 inches (15 cm) high when displayed as a truck.

An important thing to note about Optimus is that LEGO chose the G1 version of the Autobot for its toy, meaning the one the robot had its very first incarnation, the one from way back in 1984. That's right, 1984, meaning this year the Transformers franchise is celebrating its 40th anniversary. And what better time for LEGO to give Optimus the perfect companion for the occasion?

Enter the LEGO Icons Transformers Bumblebee set, a robot built at the same scale as Optimus, but standing significantly smaller than the leader of the pack: just 10 inches (25 cm) tall when in its robot mode.

LEGO Icons Transformers Bumblebee
Photo: LEGO
Bumblebee comes in its G1 form as well, and that means that when transformed into a vehicle it is supposed to look like a Volkswagen Beetle. One that comes loaded with stickers, including one on the bumper that reads "I Love Cybertron," another showing "Roll Out," and a license plate displaying the words GLDBUG Autobot. The character's birthday, September 17, 1984, is also discreetly placed on the license plate.

The toy morphs between its shapes in a manner that is not disturbing, and the end results, although far from perfect, are satisfying. Some may be particularly disappointed by the sharp edges of what is supposed to be the Beetle, but really, do you know how hard it is to make a car that became famous for its rounded shapes out of square, rectangle, and cube plastic bits?

The Bumblebee too can be converted from robot to vehicle thanks to articulated joints, but this time LEGO does not say how many of them are there. We do know, however, that the thing comes together only after no less than 950 pieces have been properly assembled together.

When complete and set in robot mode, the Autobot also packs an ion blaster for fighting and a jetpack for getting out of sticky situations. Oh, and it's yellow no matter the shape you choose for it because, really, there is no other color that screams Bumblebee better than that one.

When complete, the build can be displayed in either its car shape or in the robot one. No matter which one you choose, LEGO also provides a display plaque that shows Bumblebee's function within the Autobot society (Scout), and its stats: strength, intelligence, speed, endurance, rank, courage, firepower, and skill. It's unclear where the numbers displayed there come from.

LEGO says its insiders will get access to the new plastic brick Autobot on July 1, while the rest of the world will get their hands on it on Independence Day. The asking price for the set is $89.99, roughly half of what the toymaker is charging for Optimus Prime.

LEGO Icons Transformers Bumblebee
Photo: LEGO
As for the Bumblebee character, after debuting as a yellow Volkswagen Beetle in its first generation, it suffered a number of transformations depending on who was handling its on-screen adventures, be they animated or otherwise.

The most famous transformation is the one that occurred under Michael Bay, who, for his films, chose to morph the Autobot into a Chevrolet Camaro. Although this shape speaks a bit more to modern-day audiences, for one reason or another, it is still the original Beetle that's favored by toy makers. Especially in a year when the family of bots celebrates its 40th birthday.

Sadly, aside from this LEGO toy and a special cinema screening of some of the original episodes, voiced by the original crew from four decades ago, nothing much seems to be happening this year on the Transformers front. Except, perhaps, for that Transformers One animation coming in September (trailer below).

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