Clean Toyota Supra Mk4 Rendering Shows It Still Has JDM-Style Tuning in Its Blood

Perhaps not as feisty as Nissan’s (Skyline) GT-R series but surely just as legendary as its Z Car lineage, Toyota’s Supra has returned as a BMW co-developed GR model following a lengthy hiatus. Which probably makes the A80 even more iconic.
Crimson Matte Toyota Supra Mk4 JDM-Style Tuning rendering 6 photos
Photo: musartwork / Instagram
Crimson Matte Toyota Supra Mk4 JDM-Style Tuning rendering by musartworkCrimson Matte Toyota Supra Mk4 JDM-Style Tuning rendering by musartworkCrimson Matte Toyota Supra Mk4 JDM-Style Tuning rendering by musartworkCrimson Matte Toyota Supra Mk4 JDM-Style Tuning rendering by musartworkGloFish Mazda MX-5 Miata, Honda Civic and Toyota 2000GT
By the way, those who despise both Toyota and BMW for joining forces in creating the current Z4 and GR Supra might want to remember how it all started. The original Supra (A40/A50), as well as the second iteration, were largely based on the fabled Celica, hence the alternate Celica XX and Celica Supra branding.

Only after 1986 when the A70 Supra appeared as a third generation did the Celica ties get cut off. Now, a completely different model line, the Supra was able to carve its path towards automotive history books. This decision bodes well for the incredible reception bestowed upon the A80/Mk4, with the underground tuning and racing scene along with popular culture elevating it to a hard-to-reach pedestal.

That made it almost impossible for Toyota to fulfill every JDM dream with its all-new GR Supra – and we really can’t say if a solo effort would have made a significant difference. Anyway, all the backlash against the “A90” (correct internal code is J29/DB)has somehow turned into even more love for the previous generation.

One that’s clearly shown even by virtual artists. Especially Musa Rio Tjahjono, aka musartwork on social media, who is the Head Designer at West Coast Customs during office hours and an avid JDM pixel master when off-duty. This clean Supra that looks as if it just went through a complete aftermarket session mere seconds ago is just one example.

And never mind those cool silver and black deep-dish Rotiforms or the yellow calipers for a moment. We need to ogle for a while at the crimson attire, with the matte red color making this Supra Mk4 a possible terrific addition to yesterday’s GloFish MX-5 Miata, Civic, and Toyota 2000GT digital entry.

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