Clarkson Rekindles His Love with the Argentinians, Tells Them to "Sod off"

By this time, it's prefectly clear that Jeremy Clarkson is the type of man who feeds himself off controversy. If there is no group of persons on this Earth that wants to see him dead, he can't really enjoy life.
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It would take too long to remember everybody who the former Top Gear and current Grand Tour presenter has offended over the years. In fact, if you haven't been insulted by Clarkson so far, you're probably related to the man without knowing or something.

This facet of his personality is what lead to the break-up with the BBC. It wasn't Clarkson punching the producer in the face over cold food, it was the constant trouble that he got the British Broadcasting Corporation into. The situation had reached a point where the top executives thought having him around did more harm than good and got him off the show he's been presenting for so many years.

They were wrong, of course, and the Chris Evans fiasco proved it beyond doubt. These days, Clarkson is Amazon's problem so the BBC top brass can only look at all the tomfooleries he's doing and be glad his name isn't connected to their corporation anymore.

You probably remember the situation in Argentina a little over two years ago when Clarkson and Co. had to be ushered out of the country under the risk of the locals lynching them. It was all because of the license plate on Jeremy's Porsche that could have been interpreted as a nod to the Falklands war.

Well, if that incident left some room for interpretation - even though the coincidence was simply too great for anyone to buy BBC's story that it wasn't intentional - Clarkson's latest row witht he Argentinians was as blunt as they come.

Overwhelmed by the Christmas spirit, the British TV man wrote a Twitter message wishing everybody a "Happy Christmas." He then remembered Argentinians celebrate this holiday too, so he added "Except the Tierra Del Fuego people of Argentina. You lot can sod off.”

Even if you never plan on going to their country again, insulting a whole nation is never a smart thing to do, and that's because it shows ignorance. It's the same as calling Americans "stupid" or Mexicans "lazy." Then again, we've already established that Clarkson is a troll that feeds on controversy, so...

Argentinian newspapers instantly reacted, and they weren't kind with Jezza. The Mirror quotes Argentinian voice artist, Albert Canil: “Jeremy Clarkson has needlessly insulted Argentines with his vulgar Twitter that made the headlines today. The electronic media have already reproduced the offensive message and, as the day progresses, this un-Christmas tirade continues to spread sowing ill not only against Clarkson, but against Britain. What a disservice this buffoon has rendered to the UK.”

To which Clarkson replied: "Nom, nom, nom" (not really).
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