The Grand Tour Is Using Real Crashed Priuses to Promote the Show

Crashed Toyota Prius for The Gran Tour 4 photos
Photo: The Grand Tour
Crashed Toyota Prius for The Grand TourCrashed Toyota Prius for The Grand TourCrashed Toyota Prius for The Grand Tour
If you have nothing to do with the world of advertising, the ATL and BTL acronyms might not mean anything to you. Well, if that's the case, then you can find this under TIL (Today I Learned - sheesh, do you know any acronyms?): ATL is "above the line" while BTL is "below the line."
OK, but what is "the line"? Well, it's one of those imaginary boundaries that doesn't really have a position that's set in concrete and may move one way or the other depending on the situation. However, classic, conventional advertising (TV, print) is considered ATL, and it's a bit looked down upon by some in the industry since they consider these channels outdated.

BTL, on the other hand, is where creatives can let their imagination run wild and come up with the most surprising, amusing, and sometimes even ridiculous ideas. Most of the times, the client will not go along with them and they will never leave the drawing board, but when the client's name is "The Grand Tour," you can expect total freedom, and then some.

That's how Clarkson, Hammond, and May's new show ended up being promoted throughout the world using crashed Toyota Priuses. The trio is notorious for its hate toward the Japanese hybrid, seeing the Prius as the epitome of four-wheeled boredom, and you can't blame them. This car may help save the planet, but an exciting drive it is not.

The show's Instagram and Twitter accounts have started posting images of the cars in pretty dire situations, accompanied by captions such as "The only real acceptable use for a Prius" or "America has also discovered an appropriate use for a Prius."

If the old saying that "any sort of publicity is good publicity" holds out, then Toyota has nothing to be upset about. Besides, it's not like The Grand Tour's presenters have anything against the brand. Just think of that Top Gear episode where they tried to destroy a Hilux, or when they went to the North Pole in a red Hilux. OK, I see a pattern developing here...

The Grand Tour premieres this Friday on Amazon Prime, and even though you won't hear anyone use these exact words - for obvious reasons - you can expect it to take over where the old Top Gear left off. Only with bigger budgets, which means the three will have even fewer restrictions in manifesting their immaturity. If that sounds good, tune in on Amazon Prime on November 18.


Yet another acceptable use for a Prius. #thegrandtour

A photo posted by The Grand Tour (@itsthegrandtour) on Nov 15, 2016 at 1:43am PST


The only appropriate use for a #Prius. #thegrandtour. #amazonprime

A photo posted by The Grand Tour (@itsthegrandtour) on Nov 15, 2016 at 1:09am PST

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