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Chrome Orange Rolls-Royce Ghost "Pumpkin" Is a Screaming Halloween Costume

With just a week to go until Halloween, many are currently searching for the ideal costume. And while Heidi Klum might be one of the best VIPs out there when it comes to such outfits, we're here to talk about cars that try to pass as Halloween attires.
Chrome Orange Rolls-Royce Ghost 3 photos
Chrome Orange Rolls-Royce GhostChrome Orange Rolls-Royce Ghost
Let's take the Rolls-Royce Ghost in the images we have here, for instance. This thing is one of the latest sensations to have been wrapped at RDB LA. You know, the place where celebrities and affluent luxury and supercar owners in LA go to add swag to their rides.

The twin packs a two-tone wrap mixing the said pumpkin shade with glossy black, but the custom bits on the car don't stop here. To be more precise, this Rolls-Royce features a Black Bison body kit supplied by Wald International. Then we have the massive wheels of the Ghost, which have been supplied by Forgiato.

Of course, such a hue being present on a Roller (or any other car, for that matter) will split opinions like few others. Well, Coconut Photography, the Facebook label behind these images, has taken the time to defend the hue choice you're looking at: "Chrome wraps may not be your thing, but in a sea of Ghosts that resemble refrigerators, this one kills them all!"

And yes, the body kit, as well as the wheels, might just be as polarising as the wrap of the luxury sedan.

And while we're talking Halloween-ready machines that costs a fortune, we'll remind you that this RR isn't the first we've shown you this month.

That title went to the Koenigsegg Agera XS playing the Viking warrior card. Interestingly, the said Angelholm machine, which is basically the US-legal incarnation of the Agera RS, also comes in orange, albeit with this being a factory color, not a wrap. Thankfully, the chrome twist is missing from the K missile.


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