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The Spirit of Ecstasy has been showcasing the forbidden love story between a Lord and his secretary since 1911. Rolls-Royce turned to this solution to make sure the customers didn't come up with inappropriate mascots for its motor vehicles. In a similar manner, the company never quite gave full control to those who drove their vehicles. Luxury and accommodation was all that mattered. Well, all that changed when this Rolls-Royce Ghost was launched.

Despite the nameplate, which honors the 1906 Silver Ghost, this would be a more down-to-Earth proposal. A Rolls-Royce that promised to also mean driving, not only chauffeuring.

It's not every day that a company such as the double R decides to lean over to the mortals and make such gifts. In order to put its... ahem... smaller Roller plan into action, the Brits started off with the BMW 7 Series. No need to worry though, we are told the Ghost only shares 20 percent of itself with the current, and ex-generation flagship BMW.

Not even a blind man could mistake the Ghost for a 7 Series. It would be very easy for him to spot the British creation thanks to the aura of silence people on the street create around the place where a Ghost is parked.

Standing at 212.5 inches (5,399 mm) in length and 76.7 inches (1,948 mm) in width, the Ghost may be smaller than usual Rolls-Royce affairs, but it's just as good at imposing respect.

The proportions alone are enough to bring a hat-tipping mood to passers-by. A few elite vehicles have lately adopted a bit of a “squat" visual attitude and the Ghost is one of them - notice how the vehicle seems to be leaning backwards a tad, even when stationary. Posture is everything.

When you first see the car, you get the impression you’re looking at a very solid object. As you approach it, this is reinforced. You can, for instance, open the bonnet and the V-shaped bracing will tell you that the Ghost means business.

Nonetheless, the Ghost's secret lies in the visual simplicity. For example, the front end sees the traditional Rolls-Royce grille adopt a less flamboyant attitude.

In fact, all the details of the front fascia, from the air intakes to the headlights, show plenty of self-control. Those willing to make more of a statement can opt for the optional Silver Satin finish for the aluminum bonnet. This extends to the grille and windscreen surround, with the latter also being made of aluminum.
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