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Christian von Koenigsegg Wants a Track-Only Koenigsegg

As if his cars aren’t bonkers enough these days, Christian von Koenigsegg, the owner and founder of Swedish hypercar manufacturer Koenigsegg, recently said that he would like to have his own track-only model in a recent interview.
Koenigsegg one:1 1 photo
That’s not as shocking as you may think. We’ve been getting used to seeing Koenigseggs put down incredible amounts of power. Basically, any car they’re making has over 1,000 HP, which is absolutely stunning if you think about it and, would make for some pretty wild drag racing potential.

However, the man behind the Swedish company always said that he is first looking at how his cars go around a corner and then at straight up power. Allow us to be a bit reluctant towards believing him but he does have science behind his claims.

Getting back to the matter at hand here, the track-only car, Christian also said that it wouldn’t be based on any model the company is building or has built. That’s because it would defeat the purpose, Koenigsegg not being known for doing things half-right.

If he’s going to build a track-only model, he’s going to do it right, researching and developing it from scratch. That being said, every other race car out there should be afraid.

I mean, the man built the One:1, a hypercar that has 1 horsepower per kilo of weight. Most race cars in the world today struggle to reach that performance. Then again, you’d have to obey FIA rules and that might be something Mr. Christian could’ve overlooked. Either way, we’re more than interested in seeing what he has in store for us.

After visiting the man’s headquarters earlier this year during our Gumball 3000 Rally experience, we definitely became fans of his work. Too bad you have to be filthy rich to buy one of his beautiful masterpieces...


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