Chicago Potholes Filled by Funny Rebel Artist

Nothing beats traffic jams’ frustration than finally starting to get going only to hit several spine-shaking potholes, isn’t it? Those tax money surely lost their way somewhere between the treasury and road maintenance service. Luckily, there are people out there that can attract the authorities attention over the matter in a temporarily helpful but funny way.
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Photo: Jim Bachor
Pothole ArtPothole ArtPothole ArtPothole ArtPothole ArtPothole Art
Having had enough with these car-buster craters, artist Jim Bachor decided to do something else than just cursing in the general direction of whoever is in charge with road maintenance in Chicago. He started to fill them on his own.

However, his samaritan work wouldn’t have been complete if all the effort wasn’t also aimed at mocking the authorities who should better do their job, especially after a hard winter when soaked up asphalt is tending to develop such wheel traps.

So, apart from filling up potholes with some sort of cement mix, Jim also takes some time to finish the work with a funny mosaic message covering each hole. Each filled cavity proudly wears a roman-inspired mosaic wearing different messages, such as the pothole’s id number, the telephone number of the nearest garage or a simple “pothole” tag.

The work isn’t easy; Jim spends around $50 (EUR37 at the current exchange rates) for each pothole artwork and he also has to careful with the traffic, so most times he installs road cones and wears a flashy vest, just like real road workers.

As cool and solid as they look, his little gifts towards other road users are only temporary, but it’s a nice form of unoffensive rebellion against the system. However, we don’t necessarily suggest you should do the same as depending on which country you live in these sort of actions can be considered against the law and you might get penalties.

Check out more about Jim Bachor’s impressive mosaics here.
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