Study Says Pregnant Women Are 42% More Likely to Crash

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Captain Obvious strikes again, but instead of your regular “A British study discovered that...”, the news are now coming from Canada; the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES) to be exact. They say pregnant women should take extra care when driving. You don’t say...
ICES conducted a study involving around 500,000 women over a five-year period to ‘discover’ that in their second trimester of pregnancy, a risk of creating a car crash rises with 42 percent.

Chief researcher Donald Redelmeier said this happens because in their second trimester of pregnancy, most women will feel nauseous, fatigued, distracted and should drive more carefully.

“These findings do not mean pregnant women shouldn’t drive; in fact, men in this age group have higher risks of a motor vehicle crash. These findings are not a reason to decide not to have children or a reason to stop driving,” Redelmeier said. “Instead, the findings emphasize the need to drive more carefully. An awareness of the elevated risk during the second trimester of pregnancy does merit consideration for prenatal care.”

Wow... Do we really need to pay a science team to study a phenomenon for five freaking years just to tell us women are more likely to crash their cars when pregnant? Wasn’t that already obvious?

Have you ever tried driving with a hangover and a stomach ache? Was it easy to concentrate on the road? There! Answer found without spending a dime.

What's next? Discovering that a missing tire is a bad driving habit?
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