Funny Unenthusiastic Guy Reviews a Toyota Supra Mark 2

Everyone can grab a camera and start filming cars to put them on YouTube, but few manage to be interesting at the same time. While the matter is pretty much subjective, you can win some hearts if you are funny, something this reviewer here manages to do in a neat way.
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Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Instead of trying to pull some jokes like the guys from TopGear, this guy filming tricked out random cars manages to be funny by sounding like the most unimpressed man on Earth.

It really doesn’t matter if the owner he is interviewing has a Lamborghini or a Honda Civic, this guy sounds like the thing he’s doing is the most boring ever and a greater power is obliging him to do it forever.

The show is called “Pop your hood, bro” and in the episode bellow, you’ll find out more about this bearded guy’s Celica Supra with an almost stock engine. He says it feels good when it goes sideways, but the car isn’t attracting to many females yet. Well, you can’t have everything at once, bro.

In case have you never seen such a blocky vehicle with people around calling it a Supra, we’ll tell you this is basically the second generation Supra. Between 1981 and 1986, the model was still wearing the “Celica” name and it was powered by a smaller inline-six engine.

The North American version was offered in two shapes: the P-Type (Performance) and the L-Type (Luxury). Mechanically, they were identical and only the interior options were making the difference. But that doesn’t count for this video because the owner stripped it out, slammed it and mounted some JDM-style rearview mirrors.

However, it might be just us to find it funny, so just scroll down a bit and check out the video and see for yourselves. Give the man your subscription if you like what you see, maybe he’ll lighten up a bit.

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