Chappie-Inspired Triumph Tiger Explorer Is a Futuristic Rat Concept We Like

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Photo: Jakusa Design
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This Jakusa Design Triumph Explorer concept represents a most interesting step taken on the wild side. While most of the rat bikes look old and battered, intentionally aged and antiqued or simply worn in battle, this Tiger Explorer brings forth a different attitude.
A machine perfectly integrated in the dystopic not-so-distant future presented by the creators of Chappie, this Tiger Explorer seems like the ideal machine for the scenario. Funny thing, Tamas Jakus only played very little with structural modifications, preferring to work his magic in the paint department.

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If anything, Jakusa's Chappie-inspired Triumph is a very good proof that acting smartly and using color and paint in creative ways can yield awesome results. We sort of knew that a great concept bike does not necessarily involve a lot of hacking, sawing and welding, but didn't have the right machine to prove it.

Jakusa Design drew a different, more compact front cowl for the Tiger, adding blue LED lights that replicate Chappie's "eyes", while the brash bars that frame the headlight do remind us about the robot's face.

Because the world is not exactly the happiest of places, keeping some of the lush details of the Explorer in place was clearly a no-no. The front fender flanked by fog lamps was replaced by a spartan, oval-cut piece of flat metal, while rugged lights were raised and attached to the front cowl.

The windscreen is also gone, and so are the mirrors and hand guards. The passenger seat was binned, and replaced with two blades that would rather fend off pursuers than accommodate a person. The cast wheels surely look mean and aggressive, especially when shod with knobbies, but you know the drill: they might not be strong enough for riding hard on rough terrain.

Likewise, Jakusa could do well to update the package adding a sturdy bash plate under the bike, possibly some kind of radiator protection and lower fork protectors. After all, it's a wild, crazy world out there!
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