Rollo Concept, a Bike that Looks Like Kim Kardashian's Famous Full Moon Pic

Rollo Concept by Mehmet Doruk Erdem 5 photos
Photo: Mehmet Doruk Erdem
Rollo Concept by Mehmet Doruk ErdemRollo Concept by Mehmet Doruk ErdemRollo Concept by Mehmet Doruk ErdemRollo Concept by Mehmet Doruk Erdem
Mehmet Doruk Erdem is a dreamweaver. It's hard to match his art when it comes to the wildest and most spectacular motorcycle concepts, and the insane Alfa Romeo Spirito machine we showed you in the spring is only one of his creations.
Here's Rollo, a two-wheeler that successfully mixes features from two arch-rivals, Harley-Davidson and Indian. Saying that the result is spectacular may be an understatement. Despite Rollo's rather reduced practicality, we bet you'd be fascinated seeing one rolling down the street.

Unlike other concepts Erdem created, Rollo is a feasible one. It may look like too much on the fancy, wild side, but such a bike could, in fact, become real. Taking a good look at Rollo, we can observe that the frame looks more or less like like anything we can see every day in the custom scene.

Erdem's rendering lacks a working fork, but this is a problem that can be solved easily. Likewise, the seat, bars and headlight don't represent obstacles in crafting a rolling Rollo.

Ample Indian fenders and a Harley Shovelhead engine make a nice Rollo

Some of the diehard fans of either H-D or Indian may frown at the sight of the Rollo concept, but we believe they should rather smile. Rollo is not about separation and differences, but about pure motorcycling pleasure.

Honestly, it doesn't matter too much who supplies a power plant and whose badge is on the frame. If the bike rides great and looks good, everybody wins.

The somewhat funny-looking fenders would make fixing a flat tire a nightmare, but the style factor most likely outweighs such risks. Also, the front enclosure should be wide enough to provide enough clearance for the wheel so that turning the Rollo on a casual road would not take 15 moves.

As far as the neo-retro streamline design goes, Mehmet Doruk Erdem's Rollo is a wonderful piece. We'd really like to see someone picking up the idea and turning it into a working road-going machine. For some reason, Rollo reminds us about the jaw-dropping steampunk Vespa by Pulsar Projects, and this saves Rollo a spot in our "awesome bikes" category.

Do you agree that the rear fender of the Rollo concept looks similar to that famous Kim Kardashian piece of a** that "broke the internet"? Whoever wants to manufacture this bike must be somehow forced to add a coat of shiny clear varnish to match that photo, right?
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