Cardboard Tesla Cybertruck Takes Off with 20k Matches-Powered Thruster

Cardboard DIY Tesla Cybertruck 8 photos
Photo: YouTube screenshot
DIY cardboard Tesla Cybertruck projectDIY cardboard Tesla Cybertruck projectDIY cardboard Tesla Cybertruck projectDIY cardboard Tesla Cybertruck projectDIY cardboard Tesla Cybertruck projectDIY cardboard Tesla Cybertruck projectDIY cardboard Tesla Cybertruck project
Some of us used to build paper or cardboard toy cars when we were little because we either couldn't find or couldn't afford the real diecast ones. Things have changed now but making these DIY models can still be a very engaging activity.
Especially when you throw in the other thing most kids like to play with but are never allowed to: fire. Mixing cellulose and fire? That's the sort of thing that would have sent your parents into a disciplining frenzy but hopefully, they're not around anymore (not dead, I mean, just enjoying their retirement somewhere nice) so you can be the cool parent and do this with your little ones.

You're going to need all the help you can get with those 20,000 matches. It's the phosphorous bulb you're interested in, so you'll have to snap each stick, throw away the useless wooden part and stack the igniting material to make the most of the limited amount of space. That's the kind of risk-free - apart from a splinter or two - tedious activity you can have your kids perform.

The match heads will be going into a custom-made rocket thruster that fits inside the Tesla Cybertruck's bed. Take a moment to appreciate the craftsmanship of the man building the model - the panel gaps on the cardboard model are better than what Tesla's been treating us to all these years.

The video doesn't include the building of the ramp - complete with a loop - but if you can manage to make a Cybertruck replica, you should have no problem making a simple ramp. Though looking at that loop, it's definitely more rounded than any part of the truck.

Be prepared for a very brief - though intense - reward for all that hard work. It's no coincidence the author of the video included several angles, slow motion, and reverse footage - they wanted to get the most of those few seconds of action. Still, watching the cardboard Cybertruck take off like that, do the looping, and then make one final jump is probably ten times more satisfying when you know you're the one who made it all possible. Just make sure you have a fire extinguisher at hand and 911 on speed dial.

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