Car Thieves Who Target Tesla EVs Use an Ingenious Method To Get Away With the Stolen Cars

Tesla theft is on the rise 7 photos
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Tesla theft is on the riseTesla theft is on the riseTesla theft is on the riseTesla theft is on the riseTesla phone appTesla Sentry Mode
Tesla EVs are among the least likely cars to be stolen, thanks to many safety features offered as standard. Even if stealing a Tesla is complicated, this doesn't mean it's impossible or not worth it. Police took down a Tesla theft ring in Portland, Oregon, after Tesla thefts rose in the area. The thieves disabled the GPS tracking devices inside the cars to prevent them from being tracked.
For all the bad things Tesla critics say about its electric vehicles, they undoubtedly have many qualities. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been among the most sold EVs on the planet. Some of the most cited reasons people prefer Tesla are the Supercharger network, software, and safety. The latter is not only about protecting passengers during a crash but also ensuring that the cars are not easy to steal.

Tesla Sentry Mode allows the car's many cameras to record the car's surroundings, catching every move criminals might attempt. Tesla software is also one of the most secure in the automotive industry, which makes breaching the keyless entry system less likely. For additional security, drivers can also activate the PIN to Drive feature, which prevents the car from driving unless the correct code is entered.

Of course, no measure to prevent theft is 100% guaranteed, which is why people still try to steal Teslas. In this case, it helps that both the owner and Tesla can track the car using the GPS tracking device embedded into the vehicle. This also helps stolen Teslas have a higher recovery rate than other car models. That's why, even if stealing a Tesla is possible, it's probably not worth it. The chances that the stolen cars are found and recovered are incredibly high. Also, buying a stolen Tesla is unwise, as it becomes unusable if Tesla blacklists it.

In spite of these safety measures, some thieves still want to steal the EV maker's vehicles. Some might even consider it a challenge. The sad part is that these stolen Teslas will not stay on the road for long. Given Tesla's tight grip on its fleet, reselling them is not even considered. Instead, they will most likely be stripped apart and sold for parts, which are much harder to track and still valuable on the black or grey market.

In order to do that, the thieves must ensure the cars are impossible to track. According to the Portland Police Bureau (PPB), those stealing Teslas in the area disabled the GPS devices embedded into the vehicles. This apparently does the trick and is far more efficient than jamming the signal. Even so, PPB's Stolen Vehicle Operation was able to take down and capture the theft ring. Four Tesla EVs have been recovered during the operation carried out over the weekend.

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