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Car Burglars Break Into Police Cruiser to Steal Flashlight, Shoot at Witness

Some car burglars have very low standards. For instance, a couple of them hit a police cruiser in Miami-Dade County, Florida, and only got away with a flashlight.
Car burglars break into police cruiser in Florida, steal a flashlight 5 photos
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So much for an impressive loot. The incident happened earlier this week and, despite the appearance of being a harmless break-in, it was actually very violent because the burglars shot at a witness who had spotted them rummaging through the police car.

Local 10 reports that the marked police car was parked in the driveway of the officer’s home, who was inside sleeping. It was night and the thieves probably counted on that to make a quick buck, though it’s uncertain why they expected to find a lot of things of value inside. A surveillance camera caught them in the act: one of them approached the vehicle and broke the window with his fist, and the other came in to help him loot.

There was little they could take, though. They grabbed a flashlight and, just as they were about to leave, neighbor Modlyn Jean passed by in his Toyota Sienna. He was going home from work and he immediately understood what was happening. He didn’t have time to react, though.

The burglars realized they’d been spotted too, so they opened fire on the white van. Other neighbors who heard the shots say that they must’ve emptied at least a mag. Two of those shots hit the Sienna directly, one shattering the window and the other going through the radiator.

By the time Jean was able to drive himself to safety and call the police, the thieves had gotten away. They also realized along the way that they had no need for the flashlight, so they tossed it in the grass near the crime scene.

“I'm lucky I didn't die,” Jean says of the unexpected encounter.


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