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Canadian-Made Ellie Tiny House Is Suitable for Large Families, Has Three Bedrooms

Teacup Tiny Homes is back with another video presentation of one of its most popular models. The Ellie tiny house is dubbed the go-to family plan for 2022 and, among others, it comes with three sleeping areas.
Ellie Tiny House 14 photos
Ellie Tiny HouseEllie Tiny HouseEllie Tiny HouseEllie Tiny HouseEllie Tiny HouseEllie Tiny HouseEllie Tiny HouseEllie Tiny HouseEllie Tiny HouseEllie Tiny HouseEllie Tiny HouseEllie Tiny HouseEllie Tiny House
A little background on Teacup Tiny Homes, just in case the name doesn’t sound familiar. This is a Canadian tiny house builder on the market for over six years now. The company’s goal is to offer budget-friendly living alternatives that don’t compromise in terms of quality, aesthetics and functionality.

Serving the entire North American market, Teacup offers a generous portfolio of plans to choose from and I’ve already covered two of them, the Margo and the Ruby. Once you find a model to your liking, you start customizing it to your exact needs and preferences. There are plenty of options available in terms of layout, types of materials used, furniture, and so on. All Teacup tiny homes can also come with a bathroom equipped with either a bathtub or a shower.

With 423 sq ft (39 sq m) of living space and three sleeping areas, the Ellie plan is suitable for families, being able to sleep six people in its main bedroom and two upstairs lofts, plus another person in the living room, if needed. In fact, Teacup says the model is its most popular one for families.

This tiny house has a length of 34 ft (10 m) and a width of 8.5 ft (2.6 m). Its main bedroom is located on the ground floor and there are two lofts upstairs, accessible via ladders. You can also opt for stairs to get to the lofts, instead of the ladder. Ellie comes with heated floors, an instantaneous propane water heater, LED lighting, and there’s also a full appliance package available.

Just like all the Teacup plans, Ellie also gives you the opportunity to choose between a bathtub or a shower for the bathroom. In this case, the owners went with a 3 ft (91.4 cm) stand up shower. The bathroom is spacious enough to fit a washer, a sink, cabinets, and shelves for storing various items.

Teacup’s Ellie tiny house model ranges in price from approximately USD 137,330 to USD 163,315, depending on the customizations you make. Here’s a presentation of the Ellie plan below.

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