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Marietta Is a Gorgeous Double Loft Tiny Home Loaded With Amenities
Many think that living tiny implies giving up all the amenities that you have in a regular-sized house. But most homes on wheels have a clever design that makes use of every inch available. Marietta is a great example. This gorgeous dwelling proves that you don’t have to sacrifice space or any of the amenities that you need to live in comfort.

Marietta Is a Gorgeous Double Loft Tiny Home Loaded With Amenities

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Marietta was designed and built by Liberation Tiny Homes, a tiny home builder located in Lancaster County. Over the years, the company has created dozens of tinies of various sizes and styles. Although each model is unique, one thing they have in common is that they all come with a complete package that allows owners to enjoy all the comforts associated with a larger home.

Marietta sits on a triple axle trailer, and it measures 28 ft (8.5 meters) in length. This house is 8.5-ft-wide (2.5-meter-wide), and it offers 350 sq ft (32.5 sq meters) of living space. There’s plenty of room for a family of three since this tiny has two separate lofts.

But that’s not all it includes. A unique feature that you’ll see inside Marietta is an entry room designed to fit a floor-to-ceiling custom cabinet that can be used to store different items. It also features a coat rack, and it has a seat with built-in storage placed right next to a large window. That’s where people can relax and enjoy the views.

Next to this unique area is the living room, which is filled with natural light. Owners will find there a large couch and a small bench. A few steps ahead is a beautiful kitchen equipped with all the necessary appliances. You can cook up a storm in there since it comes with a three-burner propane cooktop with an oven, a range hood, a farmhouse-style sink, and a refrigerator.

It also has generous butcher block countertops, numerous cabinets, drawers, and several floating shelves. This house is filled with smart storage solutions that maximize the available space. Across the kitchen, you’ll find a staircase that includes drawers and cabinets that come in handy when people want to put away their belongings.

At the rear, you’ll find the bathroom, which is separated from the rest of the house via a sliding door with a custom full-length mirror. Marietta has a spa-like bathroom that has everything you need. There’s a large bathtub with a shower, a beautiful vanity that includes some floating shelves, a standard flush toilet, and a washer/dryer combo.

The master bedroom stretches above this area. It’s a spacious loft that can be accessed via the aforementioned staircase, and it includes a queen-size bed. On each side of the loft are two windows that let natural light fill up the whole space.

On the opposite side of the house, above the entry room, is the other loft. This one can be accessed via a ladder, and it’s slightly smaller. However, it can include a seating area or a bed for an adult. The team from Liberation Tiny Homes designed this space as the ideal relaxation spot. It includes numerous wooden shelves that can be used to store books or other items. It also has a large round window that lets the light inside.

Other features included are a mini-split AC unit positioned above the living room and a tankless propane water heater. Currently, the builder doesn’t offer fully custom homes. However, there are many options and features that future tiny home owners can choose from. Marietta starts at $89,000. But the price can go up, depending on the options selected. If you want to see what this home is all about, you can check the clip down below.

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