Can-Am Shows the Spyder F3-P Police Cruiser

Can-Am Spyder F3-P 11 photos
Photo: Youtube capture
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Can-Am shows the latest addition to their Spyder line-up, the F3-P, with the extra P standing for "Police", as it is the case with other makers, too. The Can-Am Spyder F3-P is definitely a looker, even though we'll have to make do with admiring it from a distance.
For obvious reasons, the Spyder F3-P will only be available to law enforcement units, so the decals and other equipment are off-limits for civilian riders. For some reason, we dare say that the F3-P looks truly neat, even though some Spyder enthusiasts argued that the base reverse trike is too boxy and has too much automotive DNA in its design.

We can't touch the "boxy" thing because we agree with these guys: the Spyder F3 is indeed boxy. The big difference is, however, how people interpret this design language, because, like always, beauty is in the eye of the key holder, right? Some might say that the older Spyders looked better, with slightly rounded shapes and more fluid lines, while a certain segment is already in love with the new design path Can-Am is said to follow.

Building on the F3-S platform and adding proper storage solutions

The Can-Am Spyder F3-P is derived from the F3-S version and shares all its electronic goodies. Red and blue LED light modules are scattered all over the Spyder in key areas with top visibility, and a siren is also present, but these are upgrades strictly related to the police work.

However, one of the add-ons the Spyder F3-P received got us hooked, and we're talking about the side cases and the top case the cops are going to enjoy using. These aluminium cases provide ample storage, each one offering 37 liters (9.75 US gal), to which a top case, that's almost as generous is added.

Needless to say, we'd like to see these offered as an optional trim for the civilian version, as they blow the current offer out of the water, They also look better and are bigger than the saddlebags Corbin created for the Spyder F3. Corbin's units are better integrated visually if you wish, but when it comes to functionality, they are no match for the alu-cases.

All in all, if you happen to be pursued by a cop riding a Can-Am Spyder F3-P, you'll have at least an interesting trike to look at while the officer is writing your ticket...

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