Motorcycle Cop Wheelies into Action Like a Boss

Polish motorcycle cop pulling a perfect wheelie 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
Funny thing, even before I voiced my opinion, I had already seen people condemning this Polish cop for wheeling his bike in traffic. Later developments of the situation convinced me that many of those clamouring over this so-called "incident" were, in fact, the kind of riders who DO get pulled over by police officers for pulling stunts and dangerous driving.
Quod Erat Demonstradum, I could add, but this is not the purpose of this piece. What, however, IS the main reason for showing you this, is the perfectly calculated throttle and front wheel lift of this motorcycle cop as he sped ahead.

His sirens can be heard from afar, and the fact that the rest of the cars are slowing down and let the bike pass is more than explanatory for the fact that the officer was in a mission and therefore, in a hurry.

Why would he wheelie, some might ask

Now, some might ask if and why the cop had to wheelie through the intersection. If you ask me, that wheelie was most likely the last thing on his list. We do believe that he approached the intersection at a much higher speed, but decided to slow down to keep danger and risk at bay.

Despite the siren and (possibly) the emergency lights, a smart, realistic rider cannot simply assume that his or her way will remain clear. We saw so many idiots crashing into police cars, ambulances or firefighter trucks, even though these vehicles had lights and sirens on.

So because responding to an emergency with yet another motorcycle crash is definitely not the way to go, this cop slowed down until he was sure the road is clear, then charged ahead to his business. As for the ease of the whole maneuver, I must add that this bike looks very much like the Honda CBF1000A the Polish police is known to field currently. Liter-class bike, throttle, need more explanations?

If anything, I can only admire the smooth front wheel lift-off and how steadily this fellow keeps it in the air. More likely the result of intensive motorcycle training than sheer luck as some thought, this accelerating wheelie is one that could effortlessly make it into the police training courses, under the "This is how you wheelie a bike" chapter.

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