C3 Chevy Corvette Restomod Digitally Hits 21st Century in a Blaze of Carbon Fiber Glory

C3 Chevy Corvette CGI restomod by jota_automotive 8 photos
Photo: jota_automotive / Instagram
C3 Chevy Corvette CGI restomod by jota_automotiveC3 Chevy Corvette CGI restomod by jota_automotiveC3 Chevy Corvette CGI restomod by jota_automotiveC3 Chevy Corvette CGI restomod by jota_automotiveC3 Chevy Corvette CGI restomod by jota_automotiveC3 Chevy Corvette CGI restomod by jota_automotiveC3 Chevy Corvette CGI restomod by jota_automotive
My first contact with the world of restomods was years ago, through one of Singer Vehicle Design's exquisite works on an air-cooled 964-series Porsche 911. Since then, I haven't stopped loving the mix of old car design with modern underpinnings.
When I was an adolescent ready to start learning to pass the automotive exam, my dream build was a Porsche 911 Turbo (993) dressed in Targa to impress and to feature all the latest safety and comfort creatures plus the high-performance powertrain and chassis elements of a contemporary 911. I would daydream driving it dressed in tweed, of course.

I know these rides are inherently prohibitive to build and maintain, which is probably why I haven't fulfilled that dream yet. But once I got to know the restomod scene a little bit better, I realized that 911s are not the alpha and omega of that glorious niche. Instead, many other models, from sports cars to wild SUVs, are worth our attention.

One of those nameplates, undoubtedly, is also the iconic Chevrolet Corvette, thanks to its many classic iterations. Well, if you're a fan of the C3 (1968 to 1982MY) and also don't have the money for a veritable restomod that could fulfill all your dreams and then some, the imaginative realm of digital car content creators has a potentially perfect example of a neat design project. Javier Oquendo, the 3D artist behind the jota_automotive digital car art label on social media, has CGI-polished a C3 Corvette restomod project for the ages, frankly.

Back in late October, just in time for Halloween, the C3 was all white and featured black wheels, a black targa top, as well as some neat details that proved it was transported into the 21st century via some sort of teleportation and tuning device. It was riding low with a nice LED taillight bar to bring your attention to the reworked rear featuring central exhaust tips.

The interior is also crimson, just like the wheel hubs, and that was about it. After all, aside from adding an excellent carbon fiber aerodynamic kit front and back, you don't really mess with CGI perfection, right? Only you do if there's an even better idea. As such, not long ago, the pixel master decided his C3 Corvette restomod needed to light up the digital scenery even though it turned to the dark side – and he wrapped the entire project in exposed carbon fiber and then dumped the Chevy on gold wheels (again with crimson hubcaps) to reveal the Brembo goodies behind them.

Unfortunately, this is all merely wishful thinking. And, of course, bringing this vision to life with help from an aftermarket outlet specialized in exposed carbon fiber would probably cost an arm and a leg or two. However, would you make this reality instead of fiction if you had the means?

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