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Bugatti "Joker" Looks Like a Bad Guy Car

We all know that Gotham City's protector drives his Batmobiles, while he sometimes prefers Lamborghinis when the mask is off (think: Bruce Wayne). But what about a Bugatti? Sure, this could easily be cast in either of the two roles, but it could also cater to the transportation needs of a character like Joker. And that is especially true for the Bug rendering we have here.
Bugatti "Joker" rendering 1 photo
As any Molsheim fan will easily tell you, this pixel portrait uses the La Voiture Noire as a starting point. Keep in mind that we're talking about the machine that currently holds the record for the world's most expensive new car - while the LVN was sold for $18.7 million, its owner still remains unknown. While nothing has been officially confirmed, the one-off could have joined the Bugatti collection of this Saudi prince.

However, once the La Voiture Noire landed in the hands of Yasid Oozeear, there was no turning back. We're looking at a digital artist who basically lives to challenge norms and conventions, with the hypercar manipulation that now occupies our screens being far from his wildest work.

The shade of orange adorning the sculpted lines of the vehicle would suggest this is actually a McLaren (the description of the Instagram post below, which portrays the digital contraption, also mentions this).

Such a rendering wouldn't have been complete without some aero tweaks. And the pair of fins sitting atop of the compartment that accommodates that W16 monster is the first that catches the eye - these bits could be inspired from the rear wing pillars of the Koenigsegg Jesko.

As for the custom shoes of this velocity toy, the wheels, which sport a black finish, feature a deep concave profile and a multi-spoke design, so you could easily stare at them for quite a while (you've been warned).


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