Bugatti Divo Shooting Brake Rendered As the Practical Hypercar

Once the Bugatti Chiron was no longer the stuff of novelty, many aficionados expected the French automaker to follow the Veyron lineup and come up with a Super Sport version. However, Molsheim has steered clear of such a development, at least so far.
Bugatti Divo Shooting Brake Render 1 photo
In fact, the Volkswagen Group's crown jewel brand used this year's Geneva Motor Show to deliver a spiced-up incarnation of the Chiron, which uses the Sport suffix.

Being just a tad lighter, the Bugatti Chiron Sport is more of a portfolio model than anything else. Nevertheless, the automotive producer went the extra mile this fall, when it introduced the Bugatti Divo at Pebble Beach.

Still based on the Chiron, the Divo promises to be a true track devil and comes with exterior styling cues that seem to back up this claim. Nevertheless, the cabin packs very few changes, while all three beasts make use of the same quad-turbo 8.0-liter W16 model delivering 1,500 ponies.

As you can imagine, the world wide web couldn't leave things as the B people intended. And this is why the Internet started coming up with various renderings, which take the Chiron past the border of one's wildest dreams.

In fact, we've already brought you such a pixel play, one that gifts the Divo with a... widebody kit. Does the Bug need such a piece? Of course not, but this is the way the Internet works nowadays.

And we are now back on the topic, as we have yet another Divo render to showcase. This time around, the French hypercar has been turned into a shooting brake. So, has that monster of an engine been relocated? Quite possibly...

Rain Prisk is the digital artist behind this image, with the man being web-famous for its S/B fetish, as we've discussed on multiple occasions. So if you're looking for that practical hypercar, feel free to augment your dreams using this render.


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