Bruce Willis Swears Off Muscle Cars

Maybe you too thought about Bruce Willis as a tough guy, especially after seeing any part of the “Die Hard” series. That's what we thought about this dude too and since a tough guy has to have an awe-inspiring automobile, or at least a bada*s mobile, can you think of something better than a muscle car? How about a whole fleet of muscle cars? That's exactly what he is driving, or should we say, WAS driving, because dear old Bruce is selling some of the cars for whatever reason.

Judging by the fact that all the cars up for sale are muscle cars, it would seem that Bruce is going green or something, because cars like a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427 Roadster or a 1969 Shelby GT500 Mustang aren't known for their fuel efficiency.

Or, if you want to take into consideration the economic crisis, you could take another view on the matter. Bruce is trying to get rid of his gas-guzzlers right now, before gas prices go through the roof and the value on such “gas-challenged” vehicles hits rock bottom.

Some of you might make a point (and rightly so) that the value on muscle cars has already gone down. Guess Brucy is relying on his name alone to sell the beasts. Another proof of that might be the fact that he chose to pose in the cars (rather menacingly looking might we add), thus ensuring an easier sale.

Serious car collectors might also want to add a word of advice here, for all of you out there enthused over purchasing a Bruce Willis car in hopes to sell it for big bucks later: be careful which celebrity car you chose! Not all celebrity names will have the same force and resonance in a couple of years, so you might end up with a dud on your hands.

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