Brabus G500 4x4 Drives Over a Crazy Man With Room to Spare

Brabus G500 4x4 Drives Over a Crazy Man With Room to Spare 4 photos
Photo: YouTube screenshot
Brabus G500 4x4 Drives Over a Crazy Man With Room to SpareBrabus G500 4x4 Drives Over a Crazy Man With Room to Spare
When you're not preoccupied with Jon Snow hooking up with Daenerys and the fact that they might, in fact, be related, the mind naturally wanders to life's big questions. Is this milk still good? Will the cat eat my eyes if I die? And can a G500 4x4 Squared drive over a man without touching him?
Curiosity naturally stems from movies that show some people escaping captivity by sliding under a moving vehicle. Some of them get crushed, but we've seen illegal immigrants surviving inside the wheel wells of buses, so it can't be all bad.

Unfortunately for them, the G500 4x4 doesn't make a good mule. It's too conspicuous, and the authorities can look underneath without mirrors or scanners. It's even worse with the Brabus-tuned version, which is about as ostentatious as a stripper's heels - just look at that crowd gathered in front of Hotel Carlton!

This is not what you'd call a "stunt." The guy in the G-Class and the idiot on the ground have never met. In fact, the driver has a few marbles missing too, because you wouldn't drive over somebody just because he told you to.

Fortunately, it goes without a hitch. The guy doesn't even bang his head on the diff cases, even though he's more preoccupied with looking at his GoPro.

But if something went wrong, anything at all, you would hear it in the media for days. After all, if somebody goes under your car, you can't just keep driving until he pops out the other end... unless you're in Russia. In fact, we think the police might still suspend the crazy 4x4 driver's license if he hasn't left for the Emirates already.

If you're not following the Cannes supercar scene this summer, you are clearly missing out. We have a couple of other surprises lined up for you, so stay tuned.

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