Boston Dynamics Robot Now Fights Back When Kicked

Boston Dynamics Robot Now Fights Back When Kicked 3 photos
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Boston Dynamics Robot Now Fights Back When KickedBoston Dynamics Robot Now Fights Back When Kicked
Boston Dynamics has singlehandedly given people more robot nightmares than the Matrix. Over the years, it's constructed machines that have been described as abominations, ranging from four-legged "dogs" to humanoid helpers.
These robots have gradually become a lot better, losing the cables that used to hold them stable and feed them with energy, shrinking down and becoming a whole lot more mobile. Some of them can even do ninja tricks.

And to prove just how stable they are, the engineers poked them with sticks and even kicked them. Now, many people that have watched those videos commented stuff along the lines of "don't, you'll make it angry."

Many Hollywood movies and sci-fi books taught us that robots will eventually be the downfall of man: The Matrix, iRobot, Terminator. At first, they're all useful and stuff, but eventually, the AI figures out that it's better to kill or enslave humanity.

The people who write code for things like this say that's impossible, but we know it's not true, just like we know the earth is flat and all the governments are in on it. So when we stumbled upon this video of a new *Boston Dynamics robot fighting back, we knew we had pure gold on our hands.

The second video is from a bunch of CGI specialists who say they put this stunt together using motion mapping. We don't trust everything they say, but their channel is still pretty cool, specializing in the analysis of the best and worst movie computer graphics.

The inspiration for this stunt came from the movie Chappie, with the challenge being to make something cool with a tiny budget. If any of you wake up in the middle of the night, scared that the Boston Dynamics robot is going to shoot you, their job was done.

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Editor's note: Obviously, the real Boston Dynamics robots don't yet possess the means or will to fight back when kicked, so the entire video showcases a CGI model of a robot.

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