BMW Group Announces Collaboration With Amazon Web Services

If 10 billion daily data points sound like much, wait until BMW’s all-electric “Neue Klasse” generation launches. When it happens, it will bring about an Amazon Web Services-powered cloud platform that will process about three times that, according to a recent statement from BMW.
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The German car manufacturer just announced a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in order to develop new cloud technologies, with the aim of leveraging the “data potential” from future vehicle generations, while also improving company processes and customer functions along the way.

AWS is an Amazon subsidiary (as the name suggests) providing on-demand cloud computing solutions to individuals, companies, and even governments around the world.

The two companies started working together in the area of connected vehicles back in 2015. With this continued team effort, the German automaker will be able to lay the groundwork for new, data-driven functions, offering customers reliable and fast access to future innovations.

The data that’s already being collected from BMW’s vehicles is used for things such as driver assistance functions, over-the-air updates, route guidance, and hazard detection. Plus, it’s also used to improve the company’s after-sales processes and customer functions.

We already have around 20 million extensively connected vehicles on the road today. When the ‘Neue Klasse’ is launched, our offboard cloud platform, powered by AWS, will process roughly triple the volume of vehicle data compared to the current generation of BMW models,” said Nicolai Krämer, BMW Vice President of Vehicle Connectivity Platforms.

This collaboration will also have the two companies looking into developing off-the-shelf solutions for better managing vehicle data. That said, the German carmaker will retain exclusive control of said data, granting AWS no access or insight into it whatsoever.

Since 2017, BMW has taken steps to keep customer data safe and process it based on privacy requirements across markets.

Editor's note: *The gallery also features photos of the all-new BMW M2.

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