Bentley Continental GT Convertible Meets Mansory’s Black Magic

This bad boy seems to have come straight out of The Matrix. I know, you might be asking: ‘Are we seriously going to be looking at yet another one of Mansory’s insane projects?’ And the answer to that, ladies and gents, is hell yeah!
Bentley Continental GT Convertible 11 photos
Bentley Continental GT ConvertibleBentley Continental GT ConvertibleBentley Continental GT ConvertibleBentley Continental GT ConvertibleBentley Continental GT ConvertibleBentley Continental GT ConvertibleBentley Continental GT ConvertibleBentley Continental GT ConvertibleBentley Continental GT ConvertibleBentley Continental GT Convertible
These folks aren’t exactly your average Joes when it comes to custom builds. Personally, although I find some of their machines to be a little over the top, I’ll have to admit that their outstanding portfolio simply fascinates me.

It all started back in 1989, when Kourosh Mansory founded the company. At that point, the tuner was headquartered in Munich, Germany and specialized mainly in British automotive brands, such as Aston Martin, Bentley or Rolls-Royce. As time went by, Mansory’s tentacles grew uncontrollably, reaching as far as manufacturers like the glorious Ferrari, our beloved Porsche and even McLaren, to name a few.

Today, the renowned firm is based in Brand, a small town located in Germany’s splendid Fichtel mountain range. The team consists of no less than 250 employees, including engineers and gifted designers, as well as sales representatives that’ll go above and beyond to meet, or even exceed their customers’ expectations.

Bentley Continental GT Convertible
One thing’s for sure, there’s absolutely no shortage of impressive (and often crazy) masterpieces in Mansory’s extensive inventory! As you browse through these countless works of mechanical art, you’ll come across a spectacular makeover of Bentley’s Continental GT Convertible, which happens to be among this tuner’s neatest creations.

Now, the opulent 2020 Bentley Continental GT is one majestic animal straight out of the box. It is powered by a ruthless 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that’ll generate up to 542 hp at 5,750 rpm, along with 568 pound-feet (770 Nm) of torque output at 2,000 rpm.

An eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission channels this sheer force to each and every one of Continental GT’s 20-inch wheels, making it capable of accelerating 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) in as little as 4 seconds. Furthermore, Bentley’s baby will reach a staggering top speed of 198 mph (319 kph).

Its three-chamber air suspension guarantees a smooth ride, featuring a double wishbone up front, accompanied by a multi-link setup at the rear. The wheelbase measures 112.2 inches (2.85 meters), while Continental GT’s dry weight sits at 5,148 lbs (2,335 kg).

Bentley Continental GT Convertible
Like many other magnificent vehicles, this beautiful thing fell into the hands of Mansory. And without a single drop of hesitation, the tuner injected a generous dose of their madness. For starters, we notice a very – and I mean, very – funky interior, wearing a shade of green that the firm refers to as Green Chrome Oxite. This gorgeous color covers everything from the lower dashboard and center console, to Continental GT’s door panels, steering wheel and bucket seats.

On the exterior, its bodywork was also treated to an array of ravishing Green Chrome Oxite accents that stand out against the base matte black finish. Additionally, the German tuner installed a carbon fiber body kit, improving aerodynamics by a considerable margin.

To top it all off, Bentley’s convertible was blessed with a new set of 22-inch multi-spoke wheels. By tweaking its ECU’s software and equipping a high-performance exhaust system, this beast’s output figure was increased all the way up to a colossal 640 ponies.

And there we have it. I’ll conclude by saying that this has to be one of my favorite whips in Mansory’s range, and it’s definitely a little subtler than what we’re used to seeing from them!

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