Beefed-Up Cyclist Moves Car off Bike Lane with Bare Hands

That’s How You Free a Bicycle Lane Blocked by a Douche 1 photo
Photo: Joe Loreto on YouTube
Meet Mr. Muscle. No, we’re not talking about that funny commercial advertising a dish soap, we’re just using a nickname for this beefed-up cyclist from Brazil, who took the matter into his own hands. The story is quite straightforward: douchebag driver parks car on the bicycle lane, cyclist stops to clear the path.

The pedal man got off his bike and lifted a Fiat Uno out of the way as if he was doing a weight training. The last Fiat Uno produced in Brazil left the factory in 2013, something you can tell from looking at how popular the supermini car still are in the South American country. The Italian city automobile was launched in 1983 and built in its homeland until 1995, with production lasting longer in separate parts of the world. In total, 8.8 million units were built, a figure that makes it the eighth most produced automobile platform in history.

We’re clearly talking about a winner here, at least in terms of sales because in our particular case the small Fiat is far from being a medalist. No, in fact, it’s the car that did the doo-doo and received what it should have. Whether or not this man was a weight lifter, one thing is sure - he’s got the power.

As you can clearly see watching the video, traffic was quite a mess, which makes for a good reason to cycle instead of wasting hours to get to work.

No wonder, people lose their patience, especially that those who cycle clearly need a lot less space to go around than a car. Even so, Mr. Muscle here didn’t seem to be affected by the Fiat blocking the path. He just parked his bike, moved the car with his bare hands, and took off. Just like nothing happened.

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