Be Considerate Of Other Riders When Lane Splitting

Rider cuts off another rider 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from YouTube
Lane splitting and filtering are accepted in some places on the premises that you will be mindful and do it in a safe way for everyone. Speeding in between cars and zig-zagging is the total opposite of what were expected to do.
And I’m not necessarily implying that only the cagers will get mad when you do this. Other fellow riders will be bothered too, or even worse as this video below shows. One rider was safely riding between cars on the highway when another one cut in front of him without even checking.

He first braked all he could and also tried swerving a bit to avoid the impact with the other rider, but he ended up smashing a car’s mirror.

According to the guy posting this, who also had a helmet camera and recorded the event, the other rider stopped too but refused to settle this through his insurance company and told our main guy here to contact him later so he can send him some money for the damage.

As you can imagine, the guy was bluffing, and he never got to pay the man for the problem he caused. So our unfortunate rider had to pay the driver’s mirror with his own money.

Let this be a lesson to everyone and try to be more careful when you enter lane-splitting mode. This dimwit escaped unharmed because the rider coming from behind was not speeding. It would have been a massive crash otherwise.

Oh, and since we’re here, I would also want to raise attention on another lane splitting mistake. Riders splitting lanes on both sides of a lane and going almost in parallel.

That’s extremely stupid since at some point one of the drivers you overtake might see one of you in the mirror and might instinctually pull his car in the opposite direction to make way. But instead, he will hit another guy on a motorcycle.

If you’re forced to lane split this way, at least keep your distance from the other bike so you have time to brake in case the scenario above happens.

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