This Is How Every Rider Should Lane Split

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There is a fine line between 'safely' and 'erratically' lane splitting and it all depends on how sane the rider is. California is the first North American state to officially accept lane splitting if done in a safe way and this video here will show you how it should be done.
The California Highway Patrol (CHP) took down their guideline on how to safely lane split after people got infuriated that it’s not their jurisdiction to create road use rules. However, the lane splitting bill recently passed into law and CHP got assigned to come up once again with a new guide for both motorcyclists and car drivers for this practice to thrive.

Until the new guidelines will be posted, here’s a video of a rider lane splitting on a highway. What’s so special about it, you ask? The man appears to be knowing what he’s doing and doesn’t take unnecessary risks, reason why he should be taken as an example on how to lane split.

If you can’t tell what is he doing right, we’ll also give you a heads up here on how to be safe while performing such maneuvers:
  • Don’t lane split if traffic is already moving at a decent pace. The faster you go, the less time you’ll have to stop if anything goes downhill. Just stick to either left or right side of your lane and be ready to go in between the row of cars if someone starts braking hard in front of you
  • Also, don’t lane split at speeds much higher than the slowed down cars for reasons described in the paragraph above
  • Always keep an eye on cars you are about to split in between and read the road ahead for potholes or other obstacles the drivers might want to dodge and thus to squeeze you in
  • Take great care when a gap forms in either of the lanes you are splitting. Drivers adjacent to it might think the lane where the gap is goes faster and will suddenly try to occupy that space
  • Use your blinkers whenever you have to change lanes (or spaces in between lanes as you are lane splitting) and try to do it smoothly. I’m sure you hate it when drivers jump from lane to lane without notice, and the thing goes vice-versa
  • Try not to ride on the white lines, especially if they are wet. Those things are slippery as grease, and if you have to brake hard they’ll make your wheels lock and down you go
  • Always check your surroundings and plan a backup exit from a possible nasty situation that might happen
  • Don’t be this guy, or this one for the matter

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