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Caring Wife Tries To Move Husband’s Motorcycle, Fails Badly

Have you ever tried to do something nice for your significant other but failed miserably? If you attempted to cook dinner for said person but ended up triggering the smoke detectors and then needed 2 hours to clean the kitchen, rest assured as your fail pales in comparison with what you’ll see next.
Wife fails to move husband's bike 1 photo
Trying to cook a delicious meal for him/her is an elaborate process with many things that could go wrong, so it’s understandable if you mess it up. But when you try to do a small, common gesture to show your love and fail, that’s when things get funny.

Take this case here. There’s little information about what caused the unfortunate event, but the description points out a wife trying to move her husband’s sportbike out of the driveway so he won’t have to wake up and move it himself.

Why would a rider leave his beloved two-wheeled machine in the driveway over night if he has a garage is a question that is hard to answer. Maybe her car was too big and took all the space, or that’s a very nice neighborhood with low crime rates.

Anyway, the woman, who clearly isn’t very big nor powerful, went on the left side of the bike, grabbed it by the handlebars and slowly tried to move it backwards.

But then, the inclined driveway and her sloppy technique resulted in the motorcycle veering to the right, losing balance and toppling over. The woman desperately tried to bring it back up (using the wrong technique), but didn’t managed to do so and went back inside to probably tell the guy about her mistake.

Normally, you don’t ever mess with another person’t motorcycle without their permission, but if you really need to move one out of the way, first make sure it’s not tied down or has a disk lock.

Then, get yourself on the left side and sit as close and as straight to the bike as possible while reaching for the handlebars. Squeeze the front brake (right side lever), straighten the bars and sit the bike upright.

Now check to see if it’s in gear; if not, release the brake and slowly move it without leaning it either sides. If it’s in gear, squeeze the left lever and give the low pedal on the same side a small nudge upright until you hear a click - that should be neutral.


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