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Audi-Themed HMV Concept Makes the Tesla Semi Look Obsolete

Even though road shipping is all about keeping running costs down, there aren't that many semi trucks out there that use a truly aerodynamic design. Instead, the companies making them seem to have settled for the brick look and never glanced back since.
Audi HMV Concept Model 10 photos
Audi HMC Concept ModelAudi HMC Concept ModelAudi HMC Concept ModelAudi HMC Concept ModelAudi HMC Concept ModelAudi HMC Concept ModelAudi HMC Concept ModelAudi HMC Concept ModelAudi HMC Concept Model
It's precisely this reluctance to include any rounded shapes that has made the Tesla Semi appear like a very futuristic vehicle, even though its design could best be described as "incredibly simple." Well, you wouldn't say the same about this truck concept, would you?

It comes from independent designer Jeremy Dodd who publishes his works on It's not Jeremy's first attempt at an Audi-themed large truck and it does seem to carry over from where the first one left off.

The reason this looks so different from the Tesla Semi is that it doesn't have to bother with the kind of things that allow it to make the jump from a digital sketch to an actual working vehicle. This is concept design in its purest form, it's just the fact it's focused on a truck that makes it a bit weird.

Jeremy doesn't say much about his project, but you can just guess it's going to use electric propulsion and come with at least Level 4 autonomy. That means the human driver might still be present inside, but they wouldn't be required to do too much. However, we fail to see a way in which they could climb inside, and when you also consider the fact the logo is placed dead-centered on the windshield, you start to wonder whether Audi might have actually achieved Level 5 for this truck. Of course, all in Jeremy's mind and not the real world.

By the looks of it, the design seems to channel the air across the two sides of the semi, instead of pushing over the top. No wind tunnel tests have been performed, so how well this would work is anyone's guess, but we have a feeling it's not exactly great. The sensation is further reinforced by the wheel design - sure, it looks cool, but boy is the Tesla Semi going to run rings around you while you're recharging for the second time. Well, at least your cabin looks like Batman, though, and not a scared kitten.


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