Nardo Grey Family Photo: Audi R8, RS3 Sedan, RS5 and RS3 Hatch

Nardo Grey is perhaps one the most iconic colors of the automotive industry. While manufacturers are still trying to make the frozen paint a thing, ever Audi that puts on this seemingly simple non-color looks fabulous.
Nardo Grey Family Photo: Audi R8, RS3 Sedan, RS5 and RS3 Hatch 1 photo
Photo: Fabian Raker Photography
I'm not sure which is the first Audi to sport Nardo Grey. But I do remember that when the RS7 came out with Suzuka Grey, Nardo wasn't available yet. So it must be pretty recent... 2013 or later.

The first time we really took notice of this non-metallic tone was when ADV.1 released this custom RS7 Sportback with custom wheels. Nowadays, you even see it on BMWs, Porsches or Volkwagens.

Ford has also come out with a similar finish called Avalanche Grey, which you see on the Raptor and the Shelby GT 350. For Europe, there's Stealth Grey on the Focus ST made since 2014.

Seeing more than one Nardo Grey Audi in a photo is cause for celebration, but here we have four, and they're all pretty new. If we're not mistaken, all were launched in 2017.

In the front line, we have Audi's heavy hitter, its one, and only supercar. The R8 produces 610 horsepower when it's got that big carbon fiber wing at the back (V10 plus model). Sadly, rumor has it that within just a few years it will be discontinued.

And it makes sense, considering Audi could not deliver the sort of groundbreaking styling that its customers wanted, while the performance will soon be caught up by the latest batch of twin-turbo V8s.

Next up, we have the car that could change everything, the RS3 sedan. It's a beautiful combo of the 2.5-liter engine and a sedan body that Audi can sell in America. Sounds good; looks decent.

Seeing the RS3 twins next to the RS5 makes us realize that RS models have their own thing going on at the front: those small intakes at the bottom, between the blacked out grille and side intakes.

But which car do you guys think looks the best in Nardo Grey. For us, it's got to be the RS3 sedan, though that could have something to do with it being the focal point of the photo.
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