Are You a Hunter Explorer Kind of Human? The M-5600 e-Bike Is for You

If you’ve ever been on a hunting trip, or an expedition, you know what those long walks with equipment on your back may feel like. Now there's to ways we could go about this. The first is as a hunter, the other as an explorer.
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Wildtan M-5600Wildtan M-5600Wildtan M-5600Wildtan M-5600Wildtan M-5600Wildtan M-5600Wildtan M-5600
If you’re a hunter, then you are aware of what it’s like to sit and wait for game hours to days on end. You also know what it’s like to have to move after prey once your spotter has noticed they're moving off. Imagine sitting in a tree for 16 hours, then having to get down and walking 5-10 miles on off-road terrain. All this with a weapon, hunting pack with goods, water, and rations. Who knows how long you’ll be tracking?

If, however, you are an explorer, and would like to extend your range to more secluded areas that you might not reach with your GXV, then this is perfect to throw on the front of your Adventure Truck. It’s size and power offer the perfect extension to hit some of those trails that lead up to the top of the ridge.

What I'm referring to as the “perfect addition” is an e-bike made by the team at Addmotor, specifically the Wildtan M-5600. Sure, it’s just an e-bike. But if we look closer, we realize it’s much more than that. Even at first glance, the giant tires and sturdy frame make you question exactly what this thing is meant for.

Wildtan M\-5600
Photo: Addmotor
There’s an idea, let's start with the frame. What we are working with is a super strength 6061 ARC aluminum alloy frame that allows up to 350 lbs (159 kg) of carrying capacity, more than enough to carry you and your weaponry, or your necessities for the day trek. Its design is also to thank for its ruggedness.

The front suspension should take care of any uneven terrain, and the lack of a suspension of the rear means you won't be losing any traction or energy trying to get up that hill. Never mind, forgot for a moment that it’s electric. I'm sorry, it just looks like one of those down-hillers I'm used to riding.

Yeah it gives me the feeling that this bike can handle what it’s designed for. Super massive Kenda Juggernaut tires and disk brakes will take care of handling needs.

Wildtan M\-5600
Photo: Addmotor
There’s design, and then there's ability. But, let us not forget that a motor runs all of this. This is really the point of focus of the e-bike and the component around which the bike is basically designed. What we find is a 1000W Bafang motor, located between the wheels of the bike in order to keep a solid center of gravity. Most e-bikes nowadays, have a rear mounted tire. This isn’t favorable for off road or uphill riding as more of the bikes weight is at the rear and tends to pull the rider backwards. This engine is activated by a throttle on the right handlebar.

To power this massive motor, we find a Panasonic 17.5 Ah battery that is rechargeable through USB ports. Remembering that most expedition vehicles have USB ports, it should feel like part of the gear. This battery can offer up to a 60-mile (96 km) range on a full charge.

It’s these qualities that give this e-bike its hype. But if that's not enough for ya, you can customize the bike with a myriad of accessories.
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