Apple Asked the DMV In California To Change Autonomous Vehicle Testing Policies

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About two weeks after it has received the California DMV’s approval to test self-driving cars on public roads, Apple has a few suggestions for changes in legislation.
A letter sent to the DMV was published, and it was written by Apple’s representatives, who requested that the institution changes a few of its rules regarding what it discloses from the situations encountered with self-driving cars.

In other words, Apple politely suggested that the DMV from California refrain from publishing all the data and reports it receives from the automakers and companies it let test autonomous driving vehicles on public roads.

The giant from Cupertino did not request full secrecy on the matter, and even suggested that the institution focuses on the times when the human drivers had to take control of an autonomous driving car to prevent a crash or a traffic violation.

However, the makers of the iPhone were not that eager to note every disengagement of the driverless system, which could lead to media coverage on the aspect that risk confusing the public.

Customers, reporters, and readers might misunderstand or misinterpret the data that is being published, and there is a risk that a spotlight would be placed on every company involved in the field, which could lead to failures and other issues.

Up to a certain degree, Apple has a point here, as the brand would be under the constant magnifying glass of journalists, who may unnecessarily raise the pressure on the engineers in the cars, as well as the teams at the headquarters.

Instead, the company proposes that companies that are allowed to test self-driving vehicles on public roads are let to focus on their thing, and only the critical moments of disengagement should be published on the California DMV’s website.

There’s a good chance that the DMV may listen to Apple’s ideas, but we will not know very soon what decision it made. If approved, the plan will bring less information in the reports, Mac Rumors says.
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 Download: Apple's letter to the California DMV (PDF)

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