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Amazon Prime Max Van Imagined with Its Own Fleet of Drones and Robots

It may sound like the result of a crossbreed between Amazon Prime and HBO Max, but this thing here is not a streaming service. It is, in fact, an imagined vehicle destined to help the online giant better handle the massive, headache-causing part of its business that is called delivery.
Amazon Prime Max van rendering 1 photo
As the largest business of its kind on the planet, Amazon’s biggest problems come from the delivery process. The company has so many packages to deliver on a daily basis that over the years it tried all sorts of solutions, from employing drones to trying to lure partner delivery companies in by offering them chunks of money.

By far the largest signal Amazon is looking to create its own fleet of delivery trucks for the future was the deal it struck in 2019 with Rivian for the production of 100,000 electric vans. That project is still in its infancy, with the first such vehicles only beginning to make deliveries in the U.S.

But what if instead of the current Rivian truck Amazon would have gone a different way, and designed something more… automated?

Renderers from British leasing company Vanarama tried to imagine how such a vehicle might have looked like, and you can see the result as the main photo of this piece.

It’s called Prime Max, as was designed as a normal-looking van with an electric drivetrain, but the concept removes humans from the equation altogether, as they will not help carry packages to the customers’ doors.

Instead, automated systems would take over. Instead of human beings carrying packages in their arms, a fleet of robots and drones could be deployed once the truck reaches its destination, and handle this task within a predetermined radius.

Truth be told, we’re probably not that far away from such a moment in our history, so get ready for a time when packages will be carelessly dropped on your doorstep by machines instead of humans.


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